102-11 (GRI )

  • Precautionary Principle or approach

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    Suzano understands that large organizations are driven by their own cultural dynamics and supported by the employees who make up their processes and procedures. In this way, the company explores the concept of the first line of defense through standards of conduct trained and disseminated in the business areas in order to identify and mitigate possible risks in their operations.

    The company has in place the Integrated Risk Management, a methodology based on the business environment, which lists a portfolio of risks based on the critical analysis of the business areas. This analysis considers as parameters the impacts (financial, health and safety, environment, social/cultural, image and reputation, organizational climate, legal) and the probability of occurrence (very likely, likely, possible, remote). Risks defined as priorities and their respective action plans are monitored by the Executive Board, the Statutory Audit Committee and the Board of Directors.

    Specifically with regard to environmental risk management, environmental teams monitor the matrix of operational environmental aspects and impacts, in which the risks are monitored through specific processes audited annually. Internal audits are performed by an internal team and/or by contracted consultants. External audits, in turn, are carried out by accredited national and international certifiers, and by environmental agencies that monitor legal compliance.