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  • Certification management

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    Certifications at Suzano are managed both for our forestry and industrial operations, attesting to our responsible social and environmental conduct in each stage of our production chain. In this sense, each industrial and forestry unit has at least one member of the teams responsible for managing this topic in the company, in order to guide the operational areas to act in accordance with the certification requirements.

    Our forestry certifications seek to ensure the good use of natural resources and quality human relations in these environments. Today, our responsible forest management is due to a solid social and environmental governance model, which adopts the best practices and management standards in order to create value for the environment and for all audiences with whom we interact, in full compliance with the Sustainability Strategy and with the company’s long-term vision. Additionally, this model is attested by the strictest national and international standards focused on this topic – FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)¹ and PEFC/CERFLOR (Brazilian Forest Certification Program) -, which ensures the company’s good conduct when developing forest products, respecting the environmental, social and economic aspects of the region. In these cases, the company is audited annually, based on pre-established environmental, social and economic performance standards.

    Our industrial certifications, in turn, demonstrate the use of best practices in management of processes in our production units, ensuring, in a balanced way, the creation of value and innovation and efficiency in our operations. They are: FSC®² and PEFC/CERFLOR for the chain of custody, ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and OHSAS 18001 (health and safety).

    In 2019, our results in the area of certifications included:

    • five recertifications developed:
      • ISO 9001;
      • ISO 14001;
      • OHSAS 18001;
      • Forest Management FSC®1 and PEFC/CERFLOR in the Forestry Business Units (UNFs) in the State of Bahia;
      • Forest Management FSC®1 and PEFC/CERFLOR in the Forestry Business Units in the State of São Paulo;
      • FSC®² chain of custody in the industrial units and trading companies;
    • unification of certification scopes:
      • of the São Paulo Forestry Unit in the FSC®1 and PEFC/CERFLOR Forest Management (unification of the Forestry Units of former Fibria and Suzano Papel e Celulose);
      • of the industrial units and trading companies in the chain of custody FSC®² and PEFC/CERFLOR;
    • reformulation of the certification scopes of FSC®1 and PEFC/CERFLOR Forest Management in the States of Bahia and Espírito Santo;
    • inclusion of the lignin plant in the GIS scope (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001);
    • inclusion of tissue production from the Mucuri and Imperatriz industrial units in the scope of ISO 9001 certification;
    • compliance with several audits of customers that have synergy with the other audits performed in the units.

    1. Forest management certificates: FSC-C110130, FSC-C118283, FSC-C100704, FSC-C009927, and FSC-C155943.

    2. Chain of custody certificate: FSC-C010014.

    Additional information:

    The scope and standards used for certification are described below.

    Integrated Management System

    Scope: project, product development, production, storage, selling in the domestic and foreign markets, and technical support on eucalyptus short-fiber pulp, eucafluff pulp, coated papers, uncoated papers, card stock, cut size paper, tissue paper, and lignin.


    • ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2015;
    • ABNT NBR ISO 14001: 2015;
    • OHSAS 18001:2007.

    Chain of Custody FSC®

    Scope of certification: pulp and paper products.

    Certificate type: Multi-site.

    FSC® standards:

    • FSC-STD-40-003 V2-1_PT_ CoC Multi_Site Certification;
    • FSC-STD-40-004 V3-0_PT_ Chain of Custody Certification;
    • FSC-STD-40-005 V3-1_PT_ Requirements for Consumption of Controlled Wood FSC;
    • FSC-STD-40-007 V2-0_PT_ Recovered Material;
    • FSC-STD-50-001 V2-0_PT_ Requirements for the use of registered trademarks FSC® by certificate holders;

    Cerflor standard: ABNT NBR 14.790 (Cerflor chain of custody assessment regulation)

    Forest Management

    Certified units:

    • UNF MA (Maranhão);
    • UNF BA (Bahia);
    • UNF ES (Espírito Santo);
    • UNF SP (São Paulo);
    • UNF MS (Mato Grosso do Sul).


    FSC® standard: FSC-STD-BRA-01-2014 V1-1 PT – Evaluation of Planted Forests in the Federative Republic of Brazil: Harmonized Standard among Certifiers.
    Cerflor standard: ABNT NBR 14.789 – 2012 version.

  • Membership of associations

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    Association of Forestry-based Companies of the State of Bahia (state)

    (Associação Baiana das Empresas de Base Florestal – Abaf )

    ABAF represents the state’s forest-based companies, as well as their suppliers. It also acts in anticipating scenarios, exchanging information about the sector and joint action to defend interests. Suzano participates in the Board of Directors/Executive Board: Audit Committee Director.


    Brazilian Association of the Personal Care, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry (national)

    Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Higiene Pessoal, Perfumaria e Cosméticos – Abihpec

    A non-profit entity whose main objective is to bring together the national industries of the sector, of all sizes, installed in all regions of the country promoting and defending their legitimate interests, aiming at the economic development they provide.


    Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (national)

    Associação Brasileira da Propriedade Intelectual – ABPI

    Non-profit entity that disseminates knowledge and discusses the importance of Intellectual Property in Brazil and worldwide.


    (Brazilian Technical Association of Pulp and Paper) (national)

    Associação Brasileira Técnica de Celulose e Papel – ABTCP

    Entity committed to the technical development of professionals in the productive chain of the forest-based sector and to the evolution of the competitiveness of companies operating in this segment. Suzano participates in the Board and in specific projects and commissions.


    ACE Mucuri (municipal)

    Business association for the coordination and defense of businesses’ and employees’ interests in Mucuri (Bahia state). Suzano takes part in the Communication Department.


    ACE Teixeira de Freitas (municipal)

    Business association for the coordination and defense of the interests of retailers of Teixeira de Freitas (Bahia state), one of the most benefited by the company’s activity in the region.


    Trade and Industrial Association of IMP – ACII (municipal)

    Associação Comercial e Industrial de IMP – ACII

    Representative entity of Imperatriz (Maranhão state) Industry and Commerce in order to discuss the common interests of industry and trade in this municipality. Suzano participates in its Board.


    Trade and Industrial Association of Três Lagoas (municipal)

    Associação Comercial e Industrial de Três Lagoas – ACITLS

    This business association seeks to represent the interests of the local business class, through actions that strengthen associations, fostering economic development in the municipality of Três Lagoas (Mato Grosso do Sul state).


    Trade Association of the State of Maranhão – ACM (municipal)

    Institution to support the commercial class of Maranhão, with the purpose of taking care for the common interests of retailers in the municipality of São Luís (Maranhão state). Suzano takes part in the Executive Board.


    Association for the Development of Linhares and Region (regional)

    Associação para o Desenvolvimento de Linhares e Região – Adel

    Business association for coordination and defense of business interests in the municipalities of Linhares, Sooretama and Rio Bananal (Espírito Santo state). Suzano participates in the Operational Board.


    Brazil’s Foreign Trade Association (national/international)

    Associação de Comércio Exterior do Brasil – AEB

    Private non-profit entity that brings together and represents the export and import business segment of goods and services, as well as related activities and others. Suzano participates in the Operational Board.


    Association of Biotechnology Companies in Agriculture and Agro-industry (national)

    Associação das Empresas de Biotecnologia na Agricultura e Agroindústria – Agrobio

    Its mission is to improve a functional regulatory system and obtain a legally secure environment in order to promote the development of biotechnology applied to agriculture, forestry and agro-industry in Brazil. Suzano participates in the Management Board and Executive Committee, in several commissions and some specific projects.


    American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil – Amcham (national/international)

    A national association that works for a better business environment, promoting competitiveness and innovation for a connected community formed 80% by Brazilian companies and 20% by companies from North America and other countries. It is the largest chamber of commerce in Brazil, and the largest North American chamber outside the United States.


    Business Movement Association Aracruz  and Region (regional)

    Associação Movimento Empresarial Aracruz e Região – Amear

    Business association for coordination of common business interests in the municipalities of Aracruz, João Neiva and Ibiraçu (Espírito Santo state). Suzano takes part in the Communication Department and in the Operational Board.


    Forest Industry Association of the State of Minas Gerais (state)

    Associação Mineira da Indústria Florestal – Amif

    Largest trade association of the forest sector in the State of Minas Gerais, with large institutional representation. Suzano participates in the Operational Board and in six thematic commissions.


    National Association of Innovative Companies

    Associação Nacional de Empresas Inovadoras – Anpei

    Brazilian multisectoral association independent of the innovation ecosystem. It provides updates on key topics and articulation of policies to encourage innovation and high-level discussions, in addition to institutional representativeness and personalized training in the area. Suzano participates in some of the existing commissions.


    Business Association of the Northern Coast of the State of Espírito Santo (regional)

    Associação Empresarial do Litoral Norte do ES – Assenor

    Business association for coordination and defense of common business interests in the municipalities of Aracruz, João Neiva and Ibiraçu (Espírito Santo state). Suzano participates in the Operational Board and in the Secretary Financial body.


    China Brazil Business Council (national/international)

    Conselho Empresarial Brasil China – CEBC

    It aims to promote exchange and cooperation between Brazil and China in the economic, academic and cultural fields, as well as fostering the relationship between the business community, diplomatic circles and the government of both countries. Suzano participates in the Operational Board.


    Brazil Climate, Forestry and Agriculture Coalition

    Coalizão Brasil Clima, Florestas e Agricultura

    The participants of the Brazil Climate, Forestry and Agriculture Coalition undertake to organize and operate in a multisectoral and multidisciplinary manner, as well as searching for convergences and using divergences to advance and build solutions.


    Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo (state)

    Ciesp – Centro das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo

    Representative entity of the industrial sector in Latin America that acts as a voice in defense of the São Paulo industry. It aims to strengthen industrial activity as a means of sustainable development, in order to defend the interests of the industry and meet the needs of members, in addition to encouraging relationships and generating business opportunities. Suzano has an institutional connection to the entity. The company participates in its Board.


    Florestar (state)

    Non-profit association composed of entities representing the forestry sector, in which Suzano currently holds the Vice Presidency. It seeks to foster the growth and competitiveness of the forest production among its associate members and, then, transform their interests and needs into results.


    Findes (state)

    Represents the industrial sector before government agents at state level. Suzano participates in the Council of Representatives, in the Council of Legislative Affairs, in the Labor Relations Council, in the Environment Council and in the Infrastructure Council.


    Forest Stewardship Council – FSC® (national/international)

    Suzano participates in the Sustainable Intensification Solutions Forum, a dialogue platform whose goal is to explore opportunities for the adoption of forest intensification approaches within the scope of the FSC system, aiming to fulfill FSC’s mission by increasing productivity, protecting the environment and biodiversity, as well as the resilience of communities and other social values.


    Forest Forum – States: Bahia, São Paulo and Espírito Santo

    Fórum Florestal

    Institution responsible for identifying and discussing relevant issues of the forest-based sector, whether sectoral or national, promoting, on a permanent basis, articulated and joint actions, with a view to strengthening the forwarding of proposals to the competent authorities, whether in local or national.


    Brazilian Trees Industry (national)

    IBÁ – Indústria Brasileira de Árvores

    It aims to enhance products originating from the cultivation of pine, eucalyptus and other specimens planted for industrial purposes. Suzano participates in the Coordination of the Biotechnology Committee, Certification Committee, Government Relations Committee, Climate Committee and GHG Inventory Working Group.


    Brazilian Committee of the Chamber of Commerce (national/international)

    ICC Brasil

    It brings together the Brazilian members of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the world’s largest business organization, whose mission is to give voice to the Brazilian business community, through the global reach of the ICC.


    ILSI – Life Sciences Institute

    Its objective is to hold a permanent forum for updating knowledge to solve technical-scientific problems that contribute to the health of the population and are of common interest to companies, government agencies, universities and research institutes. Suzano participates in the Biotechnology Task Force and the Scientific Administrative Council.


    Government Relations Institute – Irrelgov (national/international)

    The Institute of Government Relations in Brazil aims to raise the level of professionalism, competence and ethical standards of professionals working with government relations, positioning itself as a think tank for the area.


    Forest Research and Studies Institute (Ipef)

    Instituto de Pesquisas e Estudos Florestais

    The Forest Research and Studies Institute (Ipef), created in 1968, is an association with no economic purpose whose objective is to plan, implement and coordinate actions and manage resources, aimed at studies, analyzes and research in the area of natural resources, with an emphasis on forest science.


    Lide (national/international)

    Participation in forums and business roundtables promoted by the institution, increasing Suzano’s contact network with other corporations.


    New Generations Plantations (national/international)

    The New Generation Plantations (NGP) platform is a place to share knowledge about good planting practices and learn from experience. The platform seeks to influence other companies and governments to make environmentally and socially responsible decisions in their plantation management. Suzano is a member of the Steering Committee of the WWF’s New Generations Plantations platform.


    Global Compact Brazil

    Pacto Global Brasil

    International mobilization of companies in support of the United Nations (UN) in promoting ten principles that bring together fundamental values in the areas of the environment, human and labor rights and the fight against corruption, as well as the engagement and achievement of the SDGs. The Global Compact is a voluntary contribution by companies to the search for a more sustainable and inclusive global economy. Suzano has a stake in the Technical Group for Energy and Climate, in addition to the Board of Directors of the Global Compact Brazilian Network.


    (Association of Planted Forest Producers of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul (state)

    Reflore – Associação dos Produtores de Floresta Plantada

    It brings together important companies from the forest production chain with headquarters or branch in Mato Grosso do Sul. Its mission is to bring together, represent, promote and defend the collective interests of Associated Companies that are dedicated to Sustainable Development based on Planted Forests. Suzano holds the Vice Presidency.


    SustainAbility Transparency Network

    Group of global companies that believe that transparency drives performance and development. The network helps companies make an impact by offering practical tools and learning opportunities between peers and experts.


    Union of the Industries of Paper, Pulp, Cardboard, Paper Wood Pulp, and Paper and Cardboard products (state)

    Sindicato das Indústrias do Papel, Celulose, Papelão, Pasta de Madeira de Papel e Artefatos de Papel e Papelão – Sindipacel

    Represents the industrial sector before government agents at state level (Bahia state). Suzano takes part in the Secretary.


    Employers Union of the Pulp and Paper Industries of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul (state)

    Sindicato Patronal das Indústrias de Papel e Celulose de MS – Sinpacems

    It aims to promote the development and representativeness of the industry in the pulp and paper industry in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, strengthening the sector, stimulating innovation, competitiveness, quality and promoting sustainable development. Suzano holds the Vice Presidency.


    Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (Tappi)

    International non-governmental and non-profit organization with participation of several players in the pulp and paper sector (including engineers, scientists, executives and scholars). Through the exchange of information, reliable content and networking opportunities, the organization helps its members to improve the performance of their activities. Suzano currently participates in some of the commissions and in the Board of the association.


    United Nations – UN (national/international)

    Suzano is a member of the Civil Society Mechanism of the UN Food Security Committee (CSA), Rome.

    1. Certificados de manejo florestal FSC-C110130, FSC-C118283, FSC-C100704, FSC-C009927 e FSC-C155943; e de cadeia de custódia FSC-C010014.