202-1 (GRI )

  • Ratios of standard entry level wage compared to local minimum wage

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    • wdt_ID Ratios of standard entry level wage paid by the organization compared to local minimum wage, by unit 2019
      1 Imperatriz 147
      2 Limeira 107
      3 Mucuri 107
      4 Suzano/Rio Verde 100
      5 Aracruz 117
      6 Jacareí 112
      7 Três Lagoas 122
      8 Headquarters 100
      9 Belém 100
      10 Fortaleza 100

    Additional information:

    As they are subject to local collective bargaining, wages are fixed locally (per unit). Each unit has a wage floor that results from union agreements.

    Wage floors (the lowest salary established in union agreements) are the result of annual agreements and which, in addition to the negotiation factor, take into account the market, the complexity of the activity and regional issues