307-1 (GRI )

  • Non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations

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    • wdt_ID Significant fines¹ and non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with environmental laws and/or regulations 2019
      1 Total monetary value of significant fines paid in the period (R$) R$ 374,683.34
      2 Total monetary value of significant fines that are outstanding (R$) R$ 6,009,029.94
      3 Total number of non-monetary sanctions 1
      4 Total number of cases resolved through dispute mechanisms 0

    1. We consider significant fines to be those equal to or greater than US$ 10,000.00.

    Additional information:

    The fines were imposed for alleged non-compliance with legislation/regulation, under discussion by the company. The cases involve various topics, such as performing polluting activities or construction work without permits.

    As a practice, to avoid new occurrences, the company evaluates the infractions and, if applicable, makes the necessary adjustments in each case.