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    In accordance with Brazilian law and with the company’s Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy, Suzano does not make contributions of any kind to political parties and agents.

    As provided in section “Rules to Prevent Corruption” of our Anti-Corruption Policy (item “5.5. Suzano’s Political Contributions”), “Any type of financing and/or campaign contribution of any kind by companies, either directly or indirectly, to political parties, agents and/or candidates is strictly prohibited. Thus, any involvement with governmental authorities, if any, will always be carried out in a legitimate, non-financial manner, and will comply with the rules, limits and disclosure established by the applicable legislation. Any political involvement, however, will always be guided by the rules established in Suzano’s Code of Conduct and in this Policy. Suzano does not accept party political initiatives involving the Corporation and/or the workplace. (…)”.

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      1 Total monetary value of contributions made by the organization to political parties and agents in cash and in kind, directly or indirectly 0.00