Financial Management

Search for solid financial performance through constant risk analysis, responsible social and environmental vision and balance between costs, expenses and investments, in order to share value with shareholders, investors and other strategic audiences.
Organic growth through a consolidated forest base prepared for increased productivity, with diversification of products and businesses.

  • Breakdown of net revenue by product

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    • wdt_ID Breakdown of net revenue, in R$ thousand Pulp Paper
      1 Amount (R$ thousand) 21,027,686 4,985,264
    • wdt_ID Breakdown of net revenue, in % Pulp Paper (Card stock) Paper (Print and writing) Paper (Other papers¹)
      1 Percentual 80 3 14 3

    1. Includes papers from other manufacturers sold by Suzano and tissue paper (consumer goods).

  • Direct economic value distributed (%)

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    • wdt_ID Economic value distributed 2019 (%)
      1 Operating costs 57
      2 Employee wages and benefits 8
      3 Payments to providers of capital 29
      4 Payments to government 6
      5 Total 100
  • Direct economic value generated and distributed, in R$ and US$

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    • wdt_ID Direct economic value generated 2019 (R$)¹ 2019 (US$)¹
      2 Revenues 30,896,356.00 7,518,093.25
      3 Economic value distributed
      5 Operating costs 15,368,942.00 3,739,765.91
      6 Employee wages and benefits 2,067,669.00 503,131.45
      7 Payments to providers of capital² 7,728,778.00 1,880,664.30
      8 Payments to government 1,632,205.00 397,168.82
      9 Total³ 26,797,594.00 6,520,730.48

    1. Data are presented on an accrual basis and the information made available refers only to the parent company and consolidated. The dollar amounts (US$) were converted based on the average exchange rate on 12/31/2019.
    2. Includes remuneration of third-party capital (accrued interest, foreign exchange variations (liabilities), rents and others) and retained earnings (losses) for the year.
    3. The Value Added Statement (VAS) does not include the opening by investments in community and, for this reason, this category is not included here.

  • Main financial results

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    • wdt_ID Main financial results 2019
      1 Market cap (R$)¹ 54.4 billion
      2 Total net sales revenue (R$) 26 billion
      3 Total EBITDA (R$) 10.7 billion
      4 Net debt/EBITDA (US$) 4.9 x
      5 Total net income (R$) - 2.8 billion
      6 Total company assets (R$) 97.9 billion
      7 Total net equity (R$) 18.0 billion

    1. Market cap on December 31, 2019.

  • Management of government fees and payments


    Suzano’s tax policy values the development of strategies aimed at managing the tax burden, always in compliance with current legislation. Suzano, as a multinational company with businesses in several countries and as a publicly traded company, maintains a transparent relationship with public agencies and sector associations in order to create value and generate revenue for tax entities at federal, state and municipal levels.

    The company has terms of agreement/protocols of intent with state entities, always aiming at optimizing the tax burden in accordance with state legislation. Within this context, we participate in tax committees of sector associations (IBÁ), industrial federations (Findes, Fiesp and Fiema, among others) and in specific groups to discuss the subject (Getap).

    As a company listed on B3 (Stock Exchange) and SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), Suzano has as its guideline the compliance with its tax obligations, which are verified by an external and independent audit, internal audit, the Tax Committee and the Audit Committee.

  • Total production and sales volume by product type

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    • wdt_ID Total production and sales volume by product type, in thousand tons Production Sales
      1 Pulp 8,757 9,412
      2 Paper and consumer goods 1,240 1,256
  • Total sales volume by product type and market

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    • wdt_ID Total sales volume by product type and market, in tons Pulp Paper (Card stock) Paper (Print and writing) Paper (Other papers¹)
      1 Domestic Market 830,962 130,210 619,802 103,400
      2 Foreign Market 8,580,691 62,219 338,562 2,271
      3 Total 9,411,653 192,429 958,364 105,671

    1. Includes papers from other manufacturers sold by Suzano and tissue paper (consumer goods).