Long-Term Goals

Given the complexity of the existing challenges and opportunities, Suzano built its Sustainability Strategy in a collaborative manner, considering the numerous visions of its stakeholders. We are committed to expanding our role in the value chain and in society through our long-term goals, that guide our path over the next ten years, a period that the United Nations (UN) calls the Decade of Action.


Connect half a million hectares of priority areas for biodiversity conservation
in the Cerrado (Brazilian Savannah), Atlantic Forest, and Amazon.


One of the main threats to biodiversity loss in Brazil and worldwide is habitat fragmentation. This phenomenon occurs when a continuous natural area of environmental relevance is subdivided into smaller areas with no connection to each other. This happens for various reasons, such as disorderly growth and economic activities.

Fragmentation alters ecological interactions in the landscape, isolates species, resulting in reduced genetic variability and reproductive success – which can contribute to their extinction -, interferes with the loss of resilience of territories to climate change and the provision of ecosystem services, among other adverse effects.


Considering the entire extension and influence of Suzano’s territory and because we understand that nature does not recognize boundaries between properties, the scope of challenge focused on the priority areas for biodiversity conservation in Brazil, in the Cerrado (Brazilian Savannah), Atlantic Forest and Amazon biomes, defined by the Ministry of the Environment. Therefore, the scope considers the fragmented natural areas that need to be connected, by means of biodiversity corridors, inside and outside the areas where the company operates.

To reach this goal, Suzano is focused on connecting, engaging and protecting. Based on these pillars, the company will act strategically by implementing biodiversity corridors, creating a network of Protected Areas, conserving populations of primates and palm trees, establishing business models that generate shared value and biodiverse production, in addition to actions to reduce impact drivers on biodiversity as a result of human action.


Under definition.


Aiming at reversing the loss of biodiversity and generating a positive impact, Suzano is committed to:

Connect half a million hectares of priority areas for biodiversity conservation in the Cerrado, Atlantic Forest and Amazon by 2030.

2020 Results:

The goal was developed throughout 2020, based on the principle of collaborative construction. To this end, a broad network of stakeholders¹ was consulted, totaling 63 interviewees from 41 institutions, with the objective of making its rationale viable.


What we will be doing in 2021:

We will develop governance processes to enable the strategic management of the goal, in order to define the detailed planning and its baseline, which will establish the measurement of existing and future connections. At the end of the year, we will have the 2022 operational implementation plan and the roadmap until 2030, with the annual milestones for reaching the goal.


¹ Stakeholders consulted: non-governmental organizations, academia, public and private sector. The 63 interviewees were evenly distributed as to sociological perspective between non-governmental institutions (38% – 24 people), public sector (32% – 20 people), and private sector (30% – 19 people).