Long-Term Goals

Given the complexity of the existing challenges and opportunities, Suzano built its Sustainability Strategy in a collaborative manner, considering the numerous visions of its stakeholders. We are committed to expanding our role in the value chain and in society through our long-term goals, that guide our path over the next ten years, a period that the United Nations (UN) calls the Decade of Action.

Products from renewable sources

Offer 10 million tons of products from renewable source


Given their essentially renewable origin and great versatility, our products are viable alternatives to various materials of fossil origin. They have the potential to stimulate the development of a lower-carbon economy, which is instrumental to combat the climate crisis and pressure on natural resources.



Supply of renewable products¹ that can replace plastics and other petroleum products.


0 (2019²)


10 million tons of products from renewable sources made available on domestic and international markets by 2030.

Results in 2020:

We supply the market with products from renewable sources that can replace plastics and other petroleum products, maintaining the level offered in 2019 of about 200 thousand tons. For transparency reasons, we only account the incremental volume of production. Thus, we adopt the baseline zero and do not observed representative results towards the target. Despite that, we also advanced in the development of food contact paper, with the Bluecup Bio® and Loop® lines, and flexible packaging for the cosmetics and food industries. In the same period, we initiated the formation of a joint venture with the Finnish startup Spinnova, broadening the discussion and supply of renewable products in the global market.

KPI Tracking:

Tons of products from renewable sources 0

Our plans for 2021:

We will continue to invest in the development of new possibilities for our eucalyptus trees. In this case, we plan to create a portfolio of projects that will be developed over the next few years to expand our potential for substitution.


¹ Cardboard packaging, cups, straws, lignin derivatives, among others.
² This does not mean that Suzano did not offer products that substitute oil products prior 2020. It just means that, for the purpose of the goal, we started calculating and recording this substitution this year.