Ethics, Governance and Transparency

Dialogue, transparency and active player in the participation and conduction of sector topics and topics of global interest that encourage commitments and cooperation agreements for sustainable development. Ensure the highest standards of corporate governance, aiming at full integrity and robustness of the company’s internal controls and processes and the ethical, integral and transparent conduct of all our stakeholders.

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  • Compliance Management


    At Suzano, we have a team fully dedicated to Compliance as an integrated part of the company’s Risk Management. This area operates directly under the first line of defense concept through standards of ethics and conduct that are discussed and disseminated throughout the various business areas. The purpose is to enable the identification and mitigation of possible risks of non-compliance in the various activities performed in the company.

    The topic of Compliance is also covered at Suzano, mainly by the company’s Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy. Therefore, in order to further disseminate this topic to our employees, we send communications and provide e-learning materials on Compliance in order to reach 100% of this audience. After that, the company’s Compliance team periodically monitors the completion of the training sessions and reports the results to Internal Audit, which can also be submitted to the Statutory Audit Committee and, consequently, to the Board of Directors.

    In 2019, we reported that, in 2020, we would hold the Compliance Week, an entire week dedicated to reflections and clear information about Compliance to increase the organization’s knowledge of the topic and its application to Suzano’s various spheres of governance. However, the event had to be postponed to 2021 due to the difficulties imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes in route resulting therefrom.