Ethics, Governance and Transparency

Dialogue, transparency and active player in the participation and conduction of sector topics and topics of global interest that encourage commitments and cooperation agreements for sustainable development. Ensure the highest standards of corporate governance, aiming at full integrity and robustness of the company’s internal controls and processes and the ethical, integral and transparent conduct of all our stakeholders.

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  • Human Rights Management

    SASB Dimension


    Human Rights management at Suzano is based on the Corporate Human Rights Policy, which expresses the company’s commitment to this topic. The company is a signatory to the International Bill of Human Rights, to the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and to the United Nations’ Global Compact.

    We also have:


    • A Corporate Policy on Management of Health, Safety and Quality of Life – health, safety, and quality of life are values and guidelines in our operations, and we combine our commitment to the development of safe work environments with management and leadership practices.
    • Code of Conduct – the code of conduct aims to commit Suzano’s stakeholders to the ethical principles that guide our business conduct and to disseminate them to our relationship networking.
    • Legal and Social and Environmental Responsibility Term – deals with the commitment to the global trend of providing workers with proper conditions in the work environment, as well as actions and practices that favor the preservation of the environment, observing and complying with conditions related to: labor and social security obligations, prohibition of child labor, and legal conditions for hiring young people, prohibition of forced or compulsory labor, health, safety and quality of life, working hours, freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion, anti-corruption, environment, and other topics related to legal and social and environmental responsibility.
    • Policy on Diversity and Inclusion – We promote diversity and inclusion through actions focused on increasing representation, respect for individuality and free expression.


    When it comes to suppliers, we intend to implement within 4 years the Suzano Responsible Supplier Management (RSM) Program, which has a pillar focused on human rights that addresses working conditions, data privacy, health and safety.

    For wood suppliers, 100% of the supply areas are monitored based on environmental, social, and legal requirements. Part of these areas are certified under the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)¹ and/or PEFC/Cerflor (Brazilian Forest Certification Program) standards and are evaluated by the certifying body, according to the Forest Management standards.

    For the non-certified areas, Suzano has established and applies the due diligence system, based on the Controlled Wood Standard (FSC-STD-40-005) and the National Risk Assessment for Brazil (FSC-NRA-BR V1-0), ensuring:


    • compliance with applicable legislation;
    • respect for the right to property, possession, and use of land;
    • that the high conservation value areas are not compromised;
    • that no native areas are converted into commercial timber plantations;
    • respect for human rights, the rights of indigenous peoples and traditional communities.


    Suzano also evaluates health and safety aspects, following the Fundamental Principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO). These principles are observed in the contracted area, beginning with the formalization of the contract, covering the wood harvesting and transportation operations, and considering that proper planting is a prerequisite under the contract.

    External and internal audits are conducted annually to check the criteria set out in the FSC-STD-40-005 standard. The audits assess documents confirming compliance with the standard specified and with the legal documents, and conduct on-site visits to check whether the standard is being adopted in the field.


    Relationship with stakeholders and communities

    Suzano’s relationship strategy seeks to ensure the social legitimacy of its business by strengthening the interaction with the neighboring communities and other stakeholders over the long term and by integrating their interests in conducting and managing the forestry business.

    Through dialogue and structured engagement processes, we interact with these audiences and build relationship networks that enable us to understand and incorporate social and environmental information and demands into our corporate decision making process. In this way, we can guarantee the recognition of and respect for the rights, social, and cultural values of indigenous peoples, traditional and local communities, and the people involved in forest management operations.

    Suzano has a structured process in place for receiving, recording, evaluating, responding to, and monitoring all stakeholder reports related to the company’s activities and products, whether for grievances, questions, compliments, suggestions, or opinions. Some contact channels are the company’s Call Center, toll-free number 0800 022 1727, and Suzano Responde, by email

    Suzano also has an external and independent Ombudsman Channel available for the company’s internal and external stakeholders. This channel is used to report, among other matters, violations of ethics, human rights, and of the laws and regulations to which the company is subject. Unethical behavior or behavior incompatible with current legislation, as well as matters related to organizational integrity and human rights, are escalated to the company’s Conduct Management Committee, the company’s last resort to decide on controversial situations and possible infractions and violations of the Code of Conduct. To learn more, access the indicator “Mechanisms for advice and concerns about ethics”).

    Specifically in the case of suppliers, in 2020, we implemented the Supplier Relations Portal, a space where third parties can access the Ombudsman’s channel and report deviations.

    Stakeholder management is conducted by SISPART, a corporate system for recording and monitoring the incidents received by the company.

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