Ethics, Governance and Transparency

Dialogue, transparency and active player in the participation and conduction of sector topics and topics of global interest that encourage commitments and cooperation agreements for sustainable development. Ensure the highest standards of corporate governance, aiming at full integrity and robustness of the company’s internal controls and processes and the ethical, integral and transparent conduct of all our stakeholders.

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  • Management on the Code of Conduct


    One of Suzano’s basic principles is to establish quality relationships with all of its stakeholders, as set forth in the Company’s Code of Conduct. In this sense, since the responsibility for managing our business involves many people, we want to ensure that all of our relationships are duly guided by the highest ethical and integrity values.

    The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to commit our directors, officers, administrators, managers, shareholders, employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, people or entities with which relate, stakeholders of Suzano and its subsidiaries and affiliates to the ethical principles that guide our business conduct and disseminate them to our relationship networking. This involves permanent respect for human rights, as a fundamental condition to be met by all parties involved in our business.

    The following are some of the topics covered by our Code of Conduct:

    • compliance with laws, internal rules and procedures
    • confidentiality of information not disclosed to the market
    • commitment to best corporate governance practices to comply with the regulation, which covers publicly traded companies
    • anti-corruption practices
    • receiving gifts and presents
    • conflicts of interest
    • harassment of any nature, inappropriate behavior, discrimination, child labor, and/or bonded labor
    • professional appreciation
    • sustainable development
    • transparency

    As stated in the document, we are committed to equity, accountability, corporate responsibility, and to ensuring human rights in our business and operations. To reinforce this commitment, we develop actions to raise awareness on these topics through communications, training, and team meetings. As an example of these activities, in 2019 we prepared a mandatory training on the Anti-Corruption Policy, in video format, and disclosed our Code of Conduct to all employees.

    To this end, we have policies in place that support the entire process: Ombudsman Policy – POL.00.00006, which aims to establish the process and governance guidelines on the performance of the Area and of the Ombudsman Channel about compliance with applicable legal and regulatory provisions, as well as with regulations and internal codes, including the provision of specific procedures for protecting the whistleblower and the confidentiality of information. This policy covers all Suzano’s board members, directors, administrators, managers, shareholders, employees, outsourced employees, suppliers, customers, related persons or entities and stakeholders; Code of Conduct – MAN.00.00002, which aims to commit board members, directors, administrators, managers, shareholders, employees, outsourced employees, suppliers, customers, people or entities with whom we have a relationship, and stakeholders of Suzano S.A. and its subsidiaries and affiliates, to the ethical principles that guide our business conduct, and to disseminate them to our relationship networking, and we are committed to transparency, equity, accountability and corporate responsibility, while ensuring human rights within the scope of our operations; Policy for Disciplinary Measures – POL.00.00029, which provides the guidelines and defines the principles, concepts, and criteria for enforcing disciplinary measures on Suzano employees, and the Conduct Management Committee Rules – MAN.00.00001, which is a consultative document, serving as a guide for how the area works, obligations, duties, and decisions.

    The goals of the Ethics and Ombudsman area are based on disseminating the Code of Conduct and online training on this topic to all employees, in addition to monthly communication about the code and its developments.

    Additional information:

    100% of our employees, contractors, suppliers, service providers and subsidiaries are covered by our Code of Conduct. In the past three years, all of these stakeholders presented at least a written or digital acknowledgement of the Code of Conduct. Regarding training on the Code of Conduct, video-learning has been given to all employees in 2020 to reinforce the main guidelines and practices established by our Code of Conduct. This training program was mandatory for all of our employees and subsidiaries and, at the end of the training, each participant had to electronically sign, formalizing the conclusion of her/his participation. Besides the Code of Conduct training, the Company provides anti-corruption training (policies and procedures) to its employees.