Ethics, Governance and Transparency

Dialogue, transparency and active player in the participation and conduction of sector topics and topics of global interest that encourage commitments and cooperation agreements for sustainable development. Ensure the highest standards of corporate governance, aiming at full integrity and robustness of the company’s internal controls and processes and the ethical, integral and transparent conduct of all our stakeholders.

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  • Mechanisms for advice and concerns about ethics

    Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics Dimension (WEF)


    Suzano has an external and independent Ombudsman Channel available to the company’s internal and external stakeholders. This channel receives reports on:


    • violations witnessed in the business environment and related to the guidelines and behavior set out in the Code of Conduct
    • violations of ethics, human rights, laws and regulations to which the company is subject
    • violations of internal rules and procedures, and can also be used to answer questions regarding the Code of Conduct or related to unforeseen situations.


    The channel is managed by our Ombudsman area and follows two internal policies:


    • Ombudsman Policy: sets out the guidelines of the process and governance on the performance of the area and of the Ombudsman Channel regarding compliance with applicable legal and normative provisions, and sets out the guidelines of internal regulations and codes, including the adoption of specific procedures for protecting the whistleblower and the confidentiality of the information
    • Policy on Disciplinary Measures: sets out guidelines and defines principles, concepts, and criteria for applying disciplinary measures to Suzano employees.


    Unethical or incompatible behavior with current legislation, as well as issues related to organizational integrity and human rights, are escalated to the Company’s Conduct Management Committee, the company’s last resort to decide on controversial situations and possible infractions and violations of the Code of Conduct. This governance model helps us to make impartial and transparent decisions, helping solve unanticipated ethical dilemmas and ensuring uniformity in the criteria used in solving similar cases. In addition, the model determines, when so required, the adoption of the necessary measures, by issuing a formal opinion to the relevant areas of the company, in order to ensure that infractions and violations are followed by applicable disciplinary measures, regardless of hierarchical level, without prejudice to the applicable legal penalties. Anonymity is also guaranteed to the whistleblower when requested, and no form of retaliation against him/her will be allowed or tolerated.

    Every two years new mandatory online training sessions on the Code of Conduct are held for our employees and every month we disclose topics related to the company’s ethical pillars and the Ombudsman Channel. For the external audience, the Ombudsman Channel and Code of Conduct are available through an exclusive icon on the company’s website for filing reports ( -> Ombudsman). Receipt and control of the reports are available 24/7 via the Internet, and can be accessed through any computer, tablet, or cellphone (with Internet), through the link.

    In 2020, a total of 912 reports were received through the Ombudsman Channel for analysis. Of these, 56% were well-founded and were properly treated through corrective actions and disciplinary measures, and there were no critical cases that could affect the company’s financial statements. To learn more, access the indicators “Grievances/demands received and addressed by the Ombudsman Channel” and “Grievances/demands received and addressed by the Ombudsman Channel, by type.”