Ethics, Governance and Transparency

Dialogue, transparency and active player in the participation and conduction of sector topics and topics of global interest that encourage commitments and cooperation agreements for sustainable development. Ensure the highest standards of corporate governance, aiming at full integrity and robustness of the company’s internal controls and processes and the ethical, integral and transparent conduct of all our stakeholders.

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  • Non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Significant fines¹ and non-monetary sanctions related to environmental laws and regulations 2019 2020
      1 Monetary value of significant fines paid in the period (R$) R$ 374,683.34 R$ 77,308.00
      2 Monetary value of significant fines that is still outstanding (R$) R$ 6,009,029.94 R$ 110,440.00
      3 Total number of non-monetary sanctions 1 3
      4 Total number of cases resolved through arbitration mechanisms 0 0
    1. We consider US$ 10,000.00 to be that the minimum amount to characterize a significant fine.

    Additional information:

    The fines were imposed due to alleged non-compliance with legislation/regulations, which are under discussion by the Company. The cases involve several topics, such as conducting a polluting activity or construction work without prior authorization.

    As a practice, to prevent new occurrences, the company assesses the infractions and, if appropriate, makes the necessary adjustments.