Ethics, Governance and Transparency

Dialogue, transparency and active player in the participation and conduction of sector topics and topics of global interest that encourage commitments and cooperation agreements for sustainable development. Ensure the highest standards of corporate governance, aiming at full integrity and robustness of the company’s internal controls and processes and the ethical, integral and transparent conduct of all our stakeholders.

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  • Total investment in the environment (USD)

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Total investments in the environment (USD)¹ 2020
      1 Forestry operations 4,071,357.67
      3 Industrial operations 17,331,561.74
      4 Total 21,402,919.41
    1. Since this indicator started to be reported in 2020, it has no track record. In 2020, the dollar amounts (USD) were converted based on the average exchange rate on 12/31/2019 (R$5.1456).

    Additional information:

    The indicator is composed of investments from Suzano’s Forest Environment and Industrial Environment areas.. These teams work, mainly, to ensure the preservation of the environment in which we operate, reducing and mitigating the negative impacts and enhancing, whenever possible, the positive impacts of our forestry and industrial operations, respectively. This does not mean that other areas of the company do not work directly or indirectly with this topic.