Forest Management

Sustainable forest planning and management that support forest productivity, disease and pest control, maintenance of biodiversity, environmental preservation, and the provision of ecosystem services – creating a virtuous cycle.

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  • Total planting area within outgrower schemes (forestry partnerships)

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Total planting area within outgrower schemes (forestry partnerships), in hectares 2019 2020
      1 Northern Region (except Piauí) 14,592.00 13,305.00
      2 Regional Espírito Santo/ Bahia/ Minas Gerais/ Rio de Janeiro Region 94,509.00 97,661.00
      3 Piauí 1,368.00 3,508.00
      4 Southern Region 11,305.00 3,448.00
      5 Total 121,774.00 117,922.00
    1. Suzano reports only the planting areas of the properties that are within outgrower schemes, and does not consider the total limit of these properties and the different land uses.

    Additional information:

    The variation in value was due to the termination of most of the contracts with partners located in Rio Grande do Sul.