Human Capital

Strengthening of a high-performance culture and well-being of our employees based on integrated and dynamic people management processes that take into account aspects such as meritocracy, career development, knowledge management, diversity, inclusion, quality of life and human rights, among other factors.

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  • Average spending on training and development per full-time employee (R$)

    Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics Dimension (WEF)

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Indicator 2020 - Suzano 2020 - Ecofuturo 2020 - Total
      1 Average spending on training and development per full-time employee (R$)¹ 849.96 4.17 854.13
    1. Data include only full-time employees. Since this indicator started to be reported in 2020, it has no track record.

    Additional information:

    Some examples of specific training by job group:



    • Industry training group – hiring and training employees in the regions with the highest turnover (Três Lagoas, Imperatriz, and Mucuri), as production assistants, to hold entry positions in the Operation and Maintenance of the mills.
    • Forestry Training – Program held in Três Lagoas and initiated in Imperatriz. Throughout 2021, the other units will be covered by this program, training labor in the regions where the company operates. Forest Machine Operator and Forest Machine Mechanic courses will be provided in partnership with educational institutions and aimed at people from local communities. The purpose of the program is to train local labor work in the company
    • Synergy of the path at US Celulose e Papel – we reviewed the training paths for operational positions at Univer Suzano (US), Suzano’s online training portal, and evaluated opportunities for synergies, innovations, etc., to improve the employee experience in the training process.
    • Technical Level Intern – The technical internship program is the main gateway for young people to enter the operation. At the end of 2020, the format was standardized in all units.



    • Trainee – is an entry program intended to train and accelerate the development of the company’s future leaders to work across the entire business. The program lasts 18 months and in its development proposal, includes actions such as: 1 month of onboarding, Mentoring, Training in Presentation Techniques and Leadership Fundamentals, and Action Learning (implementation of a project with an impact on business)
    • JEC (Jovens Executivos Comerciais) – the program aims to form a pipeline of new managers to work in the commercial areas. The program lasts 13 months and its development plan includes: Onboarding, Job Rotation, technical training in pulp and paper, participation in the ELOS program (potential development), Communication training, mentoring, and group coaching.
    • Academia de Papeleiros – aiming to accelerate the development of technical and behavioral skills, this program has the participation of 24 of our specialists, who are improving their knowledge on the topics and being prepared for succession in the Paper area.
    • Pulp Leadership – with 35 participants and in partnership with other companies in the sector, this is an integrated training in Technical lines, Soft Skills, Self-Knowledge, Leadership, and cross vision. It is the result of discussions of the Pulp Production WG, within the Digital and Next Generation levers, in order to work on professional acceleration, technical knowledge, development of a succession pipeline, and attractiveness to the pulp area, in addition to the synergy between Units. At the end of the 11 months, each participant will submit a project for improvement in the pulp area.
    • PPGCP (Program for Preparing Managers in Pulp and Paper) – conducted in partnership with ABTCP (Brazilian Technical Pulp and Paper Association), the purpose of the program is to provide opportunities for the development of professionals who have recently graduated in Chemical or Production Engineering in topics related to Pulp and Paper, so that they can be better and more rapidly integrated into the corporate environment. As part of the scope, the members receive training on: Pulp and paper sector, Sustainability, People Management, Management Aspects, Recovery and Utilities, Nanotechnology, Biorefinery, Self-knowledge, and conduct technical visits to companies in the industry.
    • PPGF (Program for Preparing Managers in Forestry) – with a format similar to that of the PPGCP, the purpose of the program is to train young forest engineers in the contents and processes of the forestry business in order to work in the sector, streamlining the onboarding and preparation process for their professional experience.



    • Program – ELOS: aims to enhance the behaviors and attributes of Suzano Leader Profile (Inspires, Communicates, Connects, Transforms, Delivers, and Trains People), making them more aware and intentional about their performance. The Program’s guiding line is deep and applied development, which comes to life in experimentation, socializing, dialog, and group action through the pillars of Leadership, Systemic Vision, and Trends. Training and development actions are specifically geared toward high-performance and high-potential leaders in the company. Participants are exposed to development, coaching, and training sessions (online and in-person), conversations with leaders, discussion forums, and specific projects, among others.
    • First Leadership Training: aims to develop new leaders or successors who are ready to assume a leadership position, through training and sharing of experiences regarding the skills expected for performing their role as people managers.
    • Training Leader profile: Suzano launched the Leader Profile in line with the Cultural Drivers and describing the behaviors that are expected of company leaders. In 2020, all company leaders were trained, from the board of directors to field supervisors.
    • Coaching and mentoring with incremental improvements.