Human Capital

Strengthening of a high-performance culture and well-being of our employees based on integrated and dynamic people management processes that take into account aspects such as meritocracy, career development, knowledge management, diversity, inclusion, quality of life and human rights, among other factors.

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  • Local hiring at Facepa by employment category and region


    In 2020, Facepa was fully incorporated by Suzano S.A., meaning that, starting this year, its data will be reported as a consolidated part of the company’s indicators, and not separately, as was previously done. To learn more, refer to indicator “Employment of local labor by Suzano by employment category and region.”

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Percentage of local hiring at Facepa by employment category and region¹ 2019 - North 2019 - Northeast
      1 Operational 75% n/a
      2 Administration 75% 0%
      3 Supervisors n/a 100%
      4 Specialists n/a 100%
      5 Consultants n/a n/a
      6 Coordinators n/a n/a
      7 Managers 0% n/a
      8 Executive Managers n/a n/a
      9 Directors n/a n/a
      10 Managing Directors n/a n/a
    1. Local labor is defined as an individual who, at the time of hiring, works in the State of birth. In addition, calculation of this indicator considers only employees hired in 2019. Data do not apply to certain employment categories because no employees were hired in the reporting period.