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Strengthening of a high-performance culture and well-being of our employees based on integrated and dynamic people management processes that take into account aspects such as meritocracy, career development, knowledge management, diversity, inclusion, quality of life and human rights, among other factors.

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  • Diversity and Inclusion management


    For Suzano, promoting diversity and inclusion is more than a duty, it is a business strategy. In a diverse and inclusive environment, employees feel more involved, creative, collaborative, and the attraction and retention rates of new talent increase significantly. It is for these and other reasons that this topic is a relevant part of our Culture Drivers.

    In this regard, in order to build a fully diverse and inclusive environment in our operations, in 2019 we institutionalized the Plural Program, an internal movement that emerged organically and voluntarily at Suzano in 2016, with the purpose of valuing diversity and encouraging inclusion in the company. The Program has five affinity groups, with senior executives as sponsors of each group, and works to clarify concepts, analyze metrics, and propose internal actions that are in line with the manifesto that expresses the company’s position on this topic. The five groups are: Women, Blacks, LGBTI+, People with Disabilities (PwDs), and Generations.

    Additionally, in 2019 Suzano conducted the Diversity Census for the first time, making it possible to build consistent diversity and inclusion indicators in the company and to monitor and collect the data over time. Also, to ensure that this topic is properly managed, in December 2019, we launched our Diversity and Inclusion Policy in order to define the guidelines of the initiatives related to this topic in all of our operations.

    The data collected in the Census allowed us to establish long-term goals focused on diversity, which in 2020 were broken down, for the first time, into annual objectives.

    Long-Term Goals (2025):

    • To have 30% women and 30% Blacks in leadership positions1
    • To provide 100% accessibility for people with disabilities2
    • To ensure a 100% inclusive and harassment-free environment experienced by or witnessed against PWDs and LGBTI+3

    Annual objectives (2021):

    1. To increase the number of PwD in the company by 1pp
    2. To increase the total number of women by 10%, including in leadership positions
    3. To increase the number of Blacks in non-operational positions by 6%
    4. To achieve a 70% perception of an inclusive environment for the LGBTI+ audience.

    As a demonstration of our engagement, Suzano has also made other public commitments that are in line with both our long-term goals and our organizational values:

    • Forum of LGBTI+ Companies and Rights: We are signatories to this business movement aiming to improve our management practices, combat LGBTIA+ phobia, and act together with other companies to positively impact the business environment and society
    • Business Initiative for Racial Equality: Movement formed by companies and institutions to promote racial inclusion in order to achieve ethnic-racial equality and focus on the promotion, career development, and preparation of Black professionals for senior leadership
    • Women’s Empowerment Principles: The Principles are a series of considerations that help the business community incorporate into their business values and practices aimed at gender equality and women’s empowerment, and
    • Equity is a Priority: Movement launched by the Brazil Network of the Global Compact aimed at increasing the number of women in senior leadership positions (starting at senior management). Through this movement, we have committed to the goal of 30% women in senior leadership positions by 2025.

    Suzano’s Diversity and Inclusion Journey has been intensified by increasing actions to improve accessibility, diversity and inclusion, taking into account studies and adaptation needs analyzes. These consolidated actions will contribute to achieving the Long Term Goals. These initiatives are listed below:

    • Creation of the Diversity and Inclusion Squad
    • Establishing shared D&I goals for leadership
    • Creation of a methodology for measuring an inclusive and accessible environment
    • Inclusion Survey sent to 100% of employees
    • Removal of English requirements from hiring programs
    • 30% of English Courses assure for minority groups
    • Power BI for tracking goals and representativeness of the organization followed by the executive directors
    • Exclusive budget for D&I promotion actions
    • Signing of Public Commitments
    • Training of unconscious biases for all employees
    • Guarantee of translation in sign language for corporate events
    • First Black Intelligence Celebration Event
    • Digital Internship dedicated to black people (The Best Internship in the World – 99jobs)
    • 20 day paternity leave
    • Parental leave and daycare assistance for LGBTI+ fathers and mothers
    • Standardization of PCD child support
    • Pre and postpartum initiatives
    • Permanent self-declaration in the US
    • Guarantee that the company’s benefits, such as a family health plan, are enjoyed by LGBTQI+, employees with equity.

    In the case of violation of our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) policy, manifesto or code of conduct, our People & Management and Ombudsman teams are prepared to receive and handle reports of any nature and to guarantee confidentiality and non-retaliation of those involved. To this end, we have an external and independent call center, called “Ombudsman Channel,” accessible to the company’s internal and external audiences.

    The People and Management team is responsible for the D&I governance at Suzano, and in 2020 it formed a team composed of four shared professionals and one dedicated exclusively to this topic, promoting actions with a corporate alignment and becoming even more connected to the organization’s strategy. To measure and track these results, the leadership and the People & Management team are using Power BI, a data management tool that is used to ensure the accuracy of the information we provide to our teams, investors, customers, and the community.

    Suzano has teamed up with partners with solid experience in this area to strengthen its governance and apply the best diagnostic and management tools. We believe in the transformational power and positive impact that we can offer when we work with a diverse and inclusive company.

    1. Functional Management and above. 2. According to a 2019 study based on NBR 9050, conducted by consultancy Iigual 3. Based on survey conducted by consultancy GlobeScan.