Human Capital

Strengthening of a high-performance culture and well-being of our employees based on integrated and dynamic people management processes that take into account aspects such as meritocracy, career development, knowledge management, diversity, inclusion, quality of life and human rights, among other factors.

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  • Management of Training and Learning


    To promote the continuous learning of our employees, Suzano offers various training programs (mandatory or otherwise) on subjects considered important for the proper performance of each activity. The company also develops onboarding activities for new joiners and has policies in place to subsidize language, undergraduate and graduate courses. We also seek to train our entire leadership in desirable knowledge and attributes for the continuous and joint development of our people, always taking into consideration the Suzano leader profile and our Cultural Drivers. We then seek to internally disseminate our operating strategy and connect the development of our employees to the reality of the business.

    All training demands are analyzed and approved by the requester, his or her manager, the HR business partner, and by the teams responsible for each strategic group in the company. After all necessary approvals, training is performed in accordance with Suzano’s Internal Training Policy, and proof of completion (such as attendance lists, certificates and evaluations) must be submitted to the area responsible for conducting the verification. The information generated will be used as input for internal and/or external audits as to the effectiveness and authenticity of the actions performed.

    Furthermore, in order to support and enhance the different skills of our employees and thus improve their performance, we provide the following specific programs:


    • Onboarding Program: program that introduces all new joiners to the Suzano culture. It welcomes new joiners and prepares them to start their journey in the company.
    • Você tem sede de que? (What do you crave?): program that provides training and development activities (in person and online), with a focus on administrative staff and specialists.
    • Suzano Talks: This initiative consists of inviting entrepreneurs from different areas to chat with our employees about current and disruptive topics, fostering the exchange of ideas and experiences between both parties.
    • Safety Training: Mandatory training to meet the health and safety regulatory standards and ensure a safe working environment for all our employees. In addition to basic training, some of the operational employee categories must complete other mandatory training on a specific topic in order to adequately perform their duties.
    • Technical Training: Specific training for their respective positions and focused, mainly, on the operational staff. Example: Training in Productive Maintenance Technique.
    • Program – ELOS: Specific training and development activities for the audience identified as high performance and high potential in the company. Participants are exposed to development, coaching, and training sessions (online and in-person), conversations with leaders, discussion forums, and specific projects, among others.
    • First Leadership Training: Training to prepare Suzano’s leaders regarding the skills desired for the proper performance of their leadership role.
    • Academia de Papeleiros: Develop technical and behavioral skills for the paper business, through experimentation and reflection that will make the participant more mindful and intentional about his or her abilities at Suzano.


    Given the diversity of programs and development opportunities, constant curation of content and training becomes necessary. To this end, the area responsible for People and Management and the technical specialist on the topic work together to analyze and validate content. This is also provided for in our training policy. In addition, we are constantly hearing from our employees through reaction evaluations and comments about the training sessions. These, in turn, give participants the opportunity to anonymously express their grievances and compliments, to point out their dissatisfactions or suggestions.

    Suzano’s goal is to ensure that 100% of its employees comply with mandatory training and Safety Standards (NRs). In addition, this year we plan to change the development structure, making it more organic and continuous, adding the concepts of Long Life Learning and Reskilling. To this end, the idea is to develop a learning ecosystem—this year focused on the strategic leadership group, meeting their specific needs and ensuring experiences.

    We also plan to reformulate and restructure the training and career program for the operational staff (both in the forest and industrial sectors), in order to meet their specific needs.

    Also, in line with the public commitments assumed by the company regarding diversity and inclusion, we intend to attract, develop, and increasingly retain talents who currently lack opportunities in our society. This ambition reinforces our Cultural Drivers in practice and helps us achieve a more diverse and inclusive internal environment and build an increasingly fair society.