Human Capital

Strengthening of a high-performance culture and well-being of our employees based on integrated and dynamic people management processes that take into account aspects such as meritocracy, career development, knowledge management, diversity, inclusion, quality of life and human rights, among other factors.

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  • Occupational health management


    Occupational health management at Suzano, in all its units, is covered by a Health and Safety Management System, based on the guidelines of ISO 45001:2018, OSHAS 18001, ISO 9000, Regulatory Labor Standards (with emphasis on Regulatory Standards (NRs) 07, 09, 15, 17, 31, and 32), on the PDCA cycle approach (Plan – Do – Check – Act or Adjust), and in good national and international market practices. Suzano has a Health and Quality of Life area, integrated by doctors, a nursing team, ergonomists, nutritionists, and quality of life analysts.

    To ensure that this topic is properly managed, Suzano has a specific Health and Quality of Life program with a team 100% dedicated to its activities, called Faz Bem, whose goal is to develop actions to promote health and quality of life for company employees and their families (with priority given to legal dependents, including adults and children). Among other benefits, the program provides 24/7 assistance (via toll-free 0800), in the following areas: psychological, legal, social, physical, nutritional, and pet support.

    Suzano’s initiatives in Health and Quality of Life also include:

    • Management of medical absenteeism based on ICD M – musculoskeletal and connective tissue diseases -, in order to monitor musculoskeletal disorders
    • Management of medical absenteeism based on ICD F – mental and behavioral disorders – in order to monitor psychological conditions
    • Management of leaves of absence filed with Social Security, investigating occupational causes whenever indicated. The first two goals are shared between occupational medicine doctors and the ergonomics consultant
    • Assistance to employees, providing the necessary treatment and/or referral according to their health condition, in order to control or cure their health conditions
    • Implementation of ergonomic improvements/adjustments in production processes in mills and forestry units with continuous analysis of the workstations and physical activities in these locations
    • Maintaining and supporting the existing Ergonomics Committees, highlighting ergonomic improvements resulting from their work
    • Develop Quality of Life (QOL) actions aimed at employees and their dependents at the company’s Distribution Centers
    • Develop QOL actions covering employees and dependents for our largest mills and forestry units.

    In 2020, when the pandemic by the novel coronavirus emerged in Brazil, our company pledged to provide the maximum possible care and prevention for its employees (with emphasis on those in the risk group), immediately implementing all the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health. All cases of illness (suspected or confirmed) were monitored by our medical nursing team, as well as cases of hospitalization. Our outpatient clinics in our largest units remained available for 24/7 care.

    Vaccination against the H1N1 Influenza was carried out in April, in a drive-thru system, and the other health and quality of life activities, aimed at men, women, and children, are now conducted online (virtual meetings). These include live streaming sessions with Dr. Dráuzio Varella, Prof. Mario Sergio Cortella, Prof. Leandro Karnal, and comedian Leandro Hassum, as well as the Sob Medida Program, where teams of overweight employees compete against each other and between units, with the support of nutritionists, psychologists, and physical educators. The team that lost the most weight (adding up the individual weight loss) by the deadline was awarded. The area also promoted virtual meetings to preventively care for the mental, nutritional, physical, and financial health of its employees, providing frequent interactive moments with qualified professionals.

    In health management, our main commitments in 2020 were:

    1. Management of the pandemic by the novel coronavirus without restriction of resources, with the utmost rigor in terms of care and prevention Unconditional protection of employees who are part of the risk group, immediately removing them from work and keeping them at home, with the proper support
    2. Maintenance of all health and quality of life activities, even during the pandemic, with the necessary adjustments, converting them from on-site to online, thereby preserving the health promotion and disease prevention activities for all employees and their legal dependents (adults and children).
    3. Follow-up and support to all employees who have fallen ill, either at home or in the case of hospital admissions.