Human Capital

Strengthening of a high-performance culture and well-being of our employees based on integrated and dynamic people management processes that take into account aspects such as meritocracy, career development, knowledge management, diversity, inclusion, quality of life and human rights, among other factors.

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  • Percentage of employees actively engaged

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Indicator 2019¹ - Men 2019¹ - Women 2020 - Men 2020 - Women
      1 Percentage of employees actively engaged (based on employee engagement surveys) 89 85 0 0
    1. In 2019, we did not conduct an engagement survey at the company. On the other hand, we conducted a survey on the new culture implemented in the company after the merger between Suzano Papel e Celulose and Fibria: the Cultural Fit Survey, assessing the degree of adherence of our employees to the new Cultural Drivers.

    Additional information:

    Suzano has practices in place to develop employee engagement actions. However, in 2020, this type of practice was not applied, mainly due to the pandemic, which demanded more attention to the needs resulting from it. Pulse surveys related to COVID-19 were conducted in March, May and October, whose respective results were 4.7, 4.75 and 4.79, while 1 is the worst evaluation and 5 is the best one. The survey results triggered corporate action plans (in each department/area, as needed), such as:


    • Pilot for the headquarters of an app dedicated to mental health (Ivi, by Hisnek) whose aim is, through simple meditation practices and content related to mental health and wellness, to support our employees in reducing anxiety and cases of depression
    • Creation of “combinados que valem ouro” (“arrangements that are worth gold”) to support employees in managing time, reinforcing for 100% of the company the recommended times for meetings, reducing the duration of meetings (from 1 hour to 45 minutes, from 30min to 20min, and not recommending meetings lasting more than 2 hours, at least not without breaks)
    • Furthermore, within “combinados que valem ouro,” it was recommended that everyone should have 1 no-meeting day per month, for activities that require focus, and that this day should be on the third Wednesday of every month. For employees working in the headquarters, as a pilot, during the summer, every second Friday of each month should be a “happier Friday” with the workday ending at 4 pm.
    • Granting of days off between Christmas and New Year’s Day (December 28, 29 and 30) for all administrative staff and four additional days off in January.
    • Creation of a movement called “TamoJunto” (We’re in It Together”). This movement is an initiative by ambassadors in all Suzano units that aims spread information on coronavirus prevention and promote activities and challenges to keep the team engaged and connected during the social distancing period. Participation is voluntary and employees must contribute with ideas on how to better protect the team, how to keep employees connected, etc. Meetings are held every two weeks so they can share good practices and launch new challenges.
    • The Mindfulness and yoga programs (which used to take place in person in the office through our quality of life program), have been moved online and extended to employees in our international offices as well, enabling everyone to keep using these important tools to help us cope with the current moment.
    • During the quarantine period because of Covid-19, we used our “Junto e misturados” program to launch the “Juntos e Remotos” initiative, which became our form of communication during that period. Using the existing communication channels (email, WhatsApp, podcast, “Good Morning Suzano,” intranet, among others) we started to share daily tips on tools to facilitate management of remote projects and teams and stimulate collaboration online, tips and practices on how to ease your mind in times of uncertainty and collective anxiety, activities for you and your children or the whole family to do during social distancing, prevention and safety tips regarding the virus, thanking employees (those who are working from home and those who continue to work in our operations in person), a bulletin about the evolution of cases at Suzano (every week we send a status report about new cases and the evolution of cases previously diagnosed, without revealing the identity of the employees), tips for reading and other content for development and entertainment, messages from the leadership to all employees, among other content that we believe to be vital at this unusual time.


    We believe that keeping the team well informed and maintaining this constant contact is essential for everyone to feel supported by the company and to get through this crisis more closely together, despite being physically apart at times.

    A website was also created, both for the internal and external audiences, sharing all the actions taken by Suzano during the pandemic. For more information, visit the website that was created to address this topic:

    Our “Disque Viver Bem” channel offers a counseling service to all Suzano employees and their dependents to help them resolve personal problems or conflicts. The pillars available are: psychological and legal counseling, social work, nutrition, personal finance, pet consultant, and help in improving the quality of life (with physical education teachers and physiotherapists). In addition to reinforcing the channel’s communication, we developed, in partnership with the company responsible for the service, various contents (articles, videos, and webinars) to support our employees during this atypical moment, talking about quarantine with children, loneliness in quarantine times, care for the elderly or sick people, among other topics.

    We also created a project called “New Best” to discuss and implement the changes necessary for this new work context, considering the benchmarks of other companies and the needs of Suzano brought up in the pulse surveys conducted. This project is led by a multidisciplinary group (area of culture, benefits, communication, health, and quality of life, digital, among others) and seeks to cover the different ramifications of needs arising from this context.

    Nevertheless, it is important to mention that Suzano normally uses the engagement survey model, which, unlike the climate survey, explores not only basic employee support aspects (communication, having a leader, the organization’s infrastructure), but also sustainable employee engagement aspects, such as: pride in belonging to our company, whether there is a desire to recommend the company to friends and family, whether employees see themselves in Suzano’s future, among others.

    To this end, we designed a questionnaire (administered to 100% of our population) that, in addition to the aspects above, should cover relevant issues such as: Career and Development, Collaboration, Strategic Direction, Sustainable Engagement, Operational Excellence, Direct Manager, Corporate Image and Reputation, Meritocracy and Recognition, and Workplace Safety.

    The engagement survey will be carried out in 2021, with the action plans cascaded as of the second half of 2021, for the evolution of results in the 2022 cycle. We hope that the survey will help us open another channel of communication with our employees, enabling us to address their needs in light of the transformations that are so present in the world, especially after the coronavirus pandemic that served as an accelerator for many of these changes.