Human Capital

Strengthening of a high-performance culture and well-being of our employees based on integrated and dynamic people management processes that take into account aspects such as meritocracy, career development, knowledge management, diversity, inclusion, quality of life and human rights, among other factors.

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  • Prevention and mitigation of occupational health and safety impacts directly linked by business relationships


    In 2020, we strongly invested in the actions of the Cuidar (Care) Program, a human development program focused on occupational safety, for the evolution of our safety culture. 93% of the actions agreed upon in the transformation plans were implemented in all forest, industrial, and logistics units. 554 actions related to the plans were completed, which shows the high level of engagement of the units in performing the actions and the success of the program. The end result was a 17.3% increase in our safety culture toward a generative or interdependent culture. We eliminated all traces of pathological culture from our operations and raised our operations to a calculating level, a result that was verified through calibration with the Hearts And Minds methodology and its 23 dimensions.

    Following the digitalization strategy, some of our main tools were made available in our safety app, which integrates with other Suzano platforms and allows us to make quick decisions. Some of these tools are: reporting of non-standard conditions (DNA), Execution of the Segurança na Área (SNA) Program, Behavioral Approach, and Safety Inspection.

    A data lake was also created with the digital information from our tools, which has enabled new digital projects using the agile methodology.

    Several publications and safety campaigns were conducted during the year and communicated through Bom dia Suzano (Good morning Suzano), Acontece, Workplace, forest radio, and corporate TVs. Several video campaigns addressed topics related to the evolution of safety and care during the pandemic in order to keep our employees safe.

    Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we implemented two distinct short- and long-term work fronts to address the challenges emerging in the various areas in which the company operates, including issues related to the Health and Safety of our employees. One of them is much more focused on practical actions on a daily basis, and the other focuses on analyses of future possibilities.


    Our short-term vision

    The group discussed and structured initiatives aimed at disease prevention protocols. They determined the suspension of all non-essential operational activities of company employees and contractors and the cancellation of trips, events, visits to the units, and face-to-face meetings. Those who did not need to be in person at the units for the continuity of operations started to work from home, following the social distancing guidelines and, later, they could choose to return to the workplace, according to the schedule established by the governmental agencies.

    In the case of employees whose presence is essential in operations, the company adopted the priority action of measuring body temperature before allowing access to our operations; the distribution of individual meals and greater spacing between tables and chairs in cafeterias; the adoption of greater distance between chairs in operational control rooms, with visual signage; and the adoption of quarantine if an employee or contractor is suspected of being infected; among other actions.

    This front also reevaluated, among other issues, the use of the buildings, identifying which floors were redundant and which could be shut down. See below other important initiatives:


    • Increased sanitation of common areas
    • Application of health self-assessment forms
    • Distribution of masks
    • Provision of virtual psychological support
    • Support channels, webinars on health and quality of life, among other topics
    • Tracking of all positive and potential cases, with protocols and monitoring of quarantine
    • Lending of office chairs for the comfort of employees during remote work
    • Implementation of the Preventive Interaction Mapping (MPI) app to help prevent COVID-19


    Our long-term vision

    This front had a group to discuss the cultural and behavioral changes caused by the pandemic and which will have effects over time What are these changes and what impacts do they bring to Suzano’s way of being? To what extent will work routines be modified in the long run? How will people relate others? What is the result of this in an extensive and complex production chain like the pulp and paper industry? These and other issues, in addition to being fundamental in the development of future scenarios, started to determine the advances experienced in people management, including Occupational Health and Safety initiatives.