Human Capital

Strengthening of a high-performance culture and well-being of our employees based on integrated and dynamic people management processes that take into account aspects such as meritocracy, career development, knowledge management, diversity, inclusion, quality of life and human rights, among other factors.

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  • Voluntariar Program


    We believe that it all begins when we choose a path to follow. And at Suzano we always pursue the things that we believe in. Inspiring and transforming is in our essence and in our way of being.

    People are our motivation, and we want to help develop them, inside and outside the company. Together, connected and seeking social transformation, we want to renew our vision and attitude, promoting positive change in society.

    That is why, for almost two decades, we have had the Voluntariar program. Guided by our drivers, the Program fosters citizenship, encouraging and recognizing the social role of our internal audience, families, and partners, and working collaboratively for education, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

    Learn about the main actions of the Program, which was adapted in 2020 to meet the demands remotely.



    In-plant training that qualifies socially vulnerable young people for the job market. – Iochpe Foundation partnership for 15 years (2005 to 2019). Because of the pandemic and all the health and safety protocols, the beginning of the new Formare classes had to be postponed at the Suzano (SP), Mucuri (BA), and Imperatriz (MA) units. However, in order to minimize the impacts, Fundação Iochpe – Suzano’s partner in the project – moved the selection process to an online version that we are going to adapt in the first quarter of 2021. Even though there are no classes in progress, our efforts focused on hiring young graduates.

    Formare 2020 hiring

    • 63 graduates hired
    • 30 Mucuri Unit (BA)
      • 8 young people trained at the Mucuri Unit were hired for the new operations in Cachoeiro do Itapemirim (ES)
    • 19 Imperatriz Unit (MA)
    • 13 Suzano Unit (SP)
    • 1 Limeira Unit (SP)


    Remote Volunteer Guide

    In April 2020, to continue inspiring our volunteers, even in a complex scenario, we launched the Remote Volunteering Guide, with volunteer actions that can be carried out remotely and virtually. Some of the actions include virtual meetings for socializing, entertaining, encouraging physical activity, and sharing knowledge; donations of baskets of staples and masks; and solidarity shopping.

    Results of the Guide actions

    • 40 actions mapped (23 linked to the Guia + 17 independent actions)
    • 238 Volunteers
    • Representatives from 20 Suzano locations (including industrial and forestry units, distribution centers, and offices)
    • 31 institutions served
    • 16,719 people benefited
    • 9,613 items collected (food, clothing, masks, and personal care products)


    Voluntariar em Ação

    On National Volunteer Day, August 28, we held the 2nd edition of Voluntariar em Ação (Voluntariar in Action) – a collaborative and supportive movement aimed at strengthening the volunteer culture at Suzano and providing social leadership for our employees to develop initiatives in the regions where we operate. Volunteer actions are directly linked to Suzano’s Long-Term Goals and Plural’s Affinity Groups.

    2nd edition results

    • 279 volunteers registered on the platform
    • 61 active volunteers
    • Representatives from 12 Suzano locations (including forestry and industrial units, distribution centers, and offices)
    • 7 actions developed


    To learn more about Voluntariar em Ação activities, click here.


    Suzano na Escola

    Developed in partnership with Junior Achievement since 2009, the objective of Suzano na Escola (Suzano at School) is to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit in young people, share knowledge and experiences for educational development, broadening their vision of the job market and the business world. In 2020, given the pandemic, the program was conducted online, creating the possibility of volunteer participation in all Suzano operations. We carried out two initiatives The Future of Work and Girl for IT – My First Website.

    The Future of Work trains young people by teaching them concepts about careers, professions of the future, and skills needed for the job market. In the first two editions, we impacted family members of employees and service providers. In the third edition, we assisted young people from communities near our operations in Suzano (SP), Limeira (SP), Jacareí (SP), São Paulo (SP), Imperatriz (MA), and Mucuri (BA).

    Results in 2020

    • 6 Classes
    • 231 young people impacted – 152 relatives of employees and service providers and 79 from the community.
    • 9 states: SP, BA, ES, MS, MG, MA, PA, CE, RJ.
    • 218 volunteers
      • 282 volunteer participations, i.e., some volunteers participated more than once.
      • 27 locations (including industrial and forestry units, distribution centers, and offices)
      • 62 executive areas
      • 16% leaders engaged


    Girl for IT – Meu Primeiro Site

    The Girl for IT – Meu Primeiro Site (My First Website) initiative is aimed at women aged 15 to 22, from the region of Suzano (SP) and young people who participated in other Voluntariar programs in the states of São Paulo, Espírito Santo, and Bahia . The goal is to train them for digital transformation following the trends of our society. At the end of the program, participants will have individually developed a responsive website in HTML and CSS with the topic of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Click here to access the Program video in the Brazilian sign language.

    Results in 2020

    • 28 class hours – Beginning of the project -November 25, 2020 to January 26, 2021, including classes + weekly mentoring.
    • 29 volunteers involved
      • Representatives from 8 units (distribution centers, forestry units, and office – Aracruz, Belém, São Paulo, Imperatriz, Limeira, Mucuri, Suzano, and Três Lagoas)
    • 29 girls trained
    • 6 institutions benefited
    • 15 websites developed under the topic of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


    Watch a news report about the program by clicking here


    Gente que Transforma – ENEM

    Pilot project to prepare for ENEM tests and professional mentoring with volunteers. Developed in partnership with the Joule Institute, the initiative benefited young black men and women, strengthening our commitment to creating and sharing value through education and cultivating diversity.

    2020 Results – People Who Transform – ENEM

    • 44 impacted young people aged 18 to 39
    • 14 states: BA, DF, ES, MA, MG, SP, MS, RJ, GO, PA, PB, PE, RN, and RS
    • 93% of black men and women | 7% of whites¹
    • 65 volunteers
      • 15 locations (including forestry and industrial units, distribution centers, and offices)
      • 23% leaders engaged

    1. people of all races could apply for the selection of young beneficiaries in other Voluntariar programs.