Social Development

Ensure local and territorial development in a joint and participatory manner, in partnership with communities, support institutions and social movements, based on education, income generation and cultural appreciation projects; the strengthening of the relationship with local and traditional communities; and the integration of the interests of these different links in running and managing the company.

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  • Fishing communities


    The relationship with fishing communities takes place through an active and ongoing dialogue, seeking to build a positive agenda with actions and structuring investments that boost the social and economic development of these communities. To this end, we have as premises the increase in social capital and the alignment of strategic actions with public policies that focus on the territory. Thus, the aim is to seek the participation of local leaders, representatives of local government, social movements, private initiative, NGOs, and other civil society organizations.


    Highlights and achievements throughout 2020


    • Redes de Proteção (Protection Networks) in Barra do Riacho and Vila do Riacho.
    • Calls for Proposals 2020 in Barra do Riacho and Vila do Riacho, with the approval of structuring projects developed by the communities themselves.
    • Fishermen’s Day in Barra do Riacho, adapted due to the pandemic.
    • Professional training courses in Barra do Riacho, Barra do Sahy, and Vila do Sahy, in Aracruz (ES).
    • Expansion of the Saber Viver Project to Vila do Riacho (near the Aracruz mill).
    • Participation of the Espírito das Águas project in several national fairs, adapted due to the pandemic.
    • Establishment of a partnership and relationship with the fishing communities of the municipalities of Caravelas, Nova Viçosa, and Alcobaça in the state of Bahia, continuing the process started in 2019.




    • Foster priority topics for communities through periodic calls for proposals, starting to organize, quantify, and systematize the main demands for resources of high-priority urban localities, through the logic of projects.
    • Create a Project Portfolio in these locations.
    • Foster more structured management processes in associations located in Caravelas and Aracruz.
    • Ensure increased family income through solidarity projects and community-based tourism in Caravelas, Nova Viçosa and Alcobaça.
    • Train Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to raise funds.




    • Strengthen social organizations and qualify multiplier agents in priority communities and municipalities.

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Name of the initiative 2019 - Number of communities involved 2019 - Number of direct beneficiaries² 2019 - Number of families served³ 2020 - Number of communities involved 2020 - Number of direct beneficiaries² 2020 - Number of families served³
      1 3rd Gastronomy Fair (Bahia state) 1 20 100 - - -
      2 Associação de Marisqueiros de Ponta de Areia e Caravelas – AMPAC (Bahia state) - - - 1 0 480
      3 Associação de Pescadores de Rede, Arrasto, Boeira, Fundo e Arraieira de Caravelas (Bahia state) - - - 1 0 208
      4 Fishermen's Community Center (Bahia state) 1 1,750 350 1 1,750 350
      5 Colônia de Pescadores Z-25 de Caravelas (Bahia state) - - - 1 0 1,200
      6 Colônia de Pescadores Z-29 de Nova Viçosa (Bahia state) - - - 1 0 180
      7 Community Council - Barra do Riacho (Espírito Santo state) - - - 1 0 20
      8 Community Council - Vila do Riacho (Espírito Santo state) - - - 1 0 16
      9 Cooperativa das Marisqueiras e Pescadores de Caravelas – COMPESCAR (Bahia state) - - - 1 0 50
      10 Sales pricing course (Bahia state) 1 120 24 - - -
    1. People directly participating in the Program 2. People who reside with and are part of the same family group as the participants, sharing and enjoying the benefits of the program. 3. People who reside and are from the same family nucleus as the participants, who share and enjoy the benefits of the program.