Social Development

Ensure local and territorial development in a joint and participatory manner, in partnership with communities, support institutions and social movements, based on education, income generation and cultural appreciation projects; the strengthening of the relationship with local and traditional communities; and the integration of the interests of these different links in running and managing the company.

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  • Operational Dialogue


    The Operational Dialogue is a direct communication channel through which the company informs residents of neighboring communities in advance about forestry operations scheduled for the region and discusses the possible risks and adverse impacts of these operations and how to mitigate them. It is promoted through meetings and/or individual contacts before the start of operations. After the completion of the operations, the effectiveness of the agreed upon actions is assessed through individual interviews with representatives of the community or through a new meeting.


    The objectives of the initiative are:


    • Enable communities and neighbors to learn about the forestry operations that will be carried out in their surroundings and about the possible risks and positive and adverse impacts of these operations.
    • Strengthen the relationship between communities, neighbors, and the company.
    • Improve communication between communities, neighbors, and the company.
    • Understand, prevent, and minimize potential impacts caused by operations in these communities and neighbors.
    • Reduce risks associated with possible problems in the community that could affect operations.
    • Address questions and concerns regarding operational aspects and the company as a whole.
    • Identify local initiatives, skills and potential that can generate joint actions.


    Highlights and achievements throughout 2020


    • Maintenance of the operational dialogue process during the pandemic, innovating communication through virtual tools.
    • Implementation of the dialogue in the communities neighboring the Limeira (SP) mill.
    • Standardization, in all units, of a methodology for specific dialogue in the locations neighboring the locations where there will be aerial application of pesticides and forestry inputs.
    • New activity of the Operational Dialogue: winter operation in the localities neighboring the mills in the State of São Paulo, a period that is critical in terms of odor from the mills.


    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Year Number of dialogues conducted Number of community participants involved Number of complaints received Rate of satisfaction in complying with complaints (%) Average complaints handling time (days)
      1 2019 2,940 9,118 387 94.03% 34.6
      2 2020 1,444 8,872 465 85.00% 83.97