Social Development

Ensure local and territorial development in a joint and participatory manner, in partnership with communities, support institutions and social movements, based on education, income generation and cultural appreciation projects; the strengthening of the relationship with local and traditional communities; and the integration of the interests of these different links in running and managing the company.

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  • Relationship with quilombola communities


    Suzano’s relationship with quilombola communities is more intense in the States of Espírito Santo and Bahia. Of the remaining 36 quilombola locations registered in our Community Prioritization Matrix, 31 are concentrated in the North of the State of Espírito Santo.

    The Rural Land Development Program (PDRT) is in place in 21 of the 36 locations and is the company’s main relationship program with these traditional communities. In addition, in some of these communities, we have beekeepers who benefit from the Colmeias Program, and in Espírito Santo, the communities of São Domingos and Roda d’Água received technical and financial support for the establishment of their service cooperatives. In the São Domingos cooperative, since 2014 we have had a team of 21 people providing services for Suzano in commercial forests and forest restoration operations.

    In the community of Linharinho, also in Espírito Santo, one of our educational programs is developed with a focus on sports, the Linharinho Soccer School, benefiting 60 children and adolescents.


    Highlights and achievements throughout 2020:


    • Approval of 7 projects (representing a total investment of R$ 1.6 million) presented by quilombola associations with the support of Suzano in the 2020 call for proposals Social Fund for the Support of Family Farming (FUNSAF) of the government of the state of Espírito Santo. The projects focused on the acquisition of vehicles, machines, and equipment for agricultural activities in the communities.
    • 14 projects from quilombola entities in the Emergency Call for Proposals of the Food Acquisition Program (PAA) 2020, for the acquisition of food from farmers. Suzano provided support in mobilizing, developing the projects, training the families, and preparing the necessary documentation.
    • Emergency partnership with the National Coordination of Quilombos (CONAQ) for communication and guidance actions aimed at quilombola families across Brazil about the pandemic. Booklets, podcasts, among other tools, were prepared to ensure quality information during the period.
    • Completion of two community headquarters and two flour mills in quilombola communities in the north of the state of Espírito Santo.




    • Build partnerships in the territories in order to strengthen structuring actions, in line with federal and state public policies for traditional communities.
    • Participate in structured dialogue spaces intended to update on the main critical issues and demands of the quilombola communities.