Social Development

Ensure local and territorial development in a joint and participatory manner, in partnership with communities, support institutions and social movements, based on education, income generation and cultural appreciation projects; the strengthening of the relationship with local and traditional communities; and the integration of the interests of these different links in running and managing the company.

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  • Social investments by source (%)

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Social investments by source (%) 2019 2020
      1 Funds raised 34.8 0.0
      2 Company funds 65.0 99.9
      3 Incentive resources¹ 0.2 0.1
      4 Total 100.0 100.0
    1. Amount invested through the Municipal Law of Incentive to Culture of the City of Jacareí (SP)

    Additional information:

    The amount of funds raised in 2019 refers to the fundraising promoted by the associations and cooperatives participating in the programs. Given the evolution of the social action strategy, in 2020 monitoring of these resources was discontinued, and a new monitoring method will be introduced in 2021.