Social Development

Ensure local and territorial development in a joint and participatory manner, in partnership with communities, support institutions and social movements, based on education, income generation and cultural appreciation projects; the strengthening of the relationship with local and traditional communities; and the integration of the interests of these different links in running and managing the company.

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  • Sustainable Settlements Program


    A project focused on generating work and income, and geared toward agricultural production in agro-forestry systems, in partnership with the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) and the Luiz de Queiroz School of Agriculture (Esalq), at the University of São Paulo (USP).

    The objectives of the Program are:


    • Ensure food security/sovereignty and provide the elements for income generation
    • Eradicate illiteracy.
    • Guarantee access to basic health.
    • Ensure access to public policies.
    • Ensure the infrastructure conditions necessary to achieve the vision of the project (roads, renovations, water/sanitation and new construction).


    Currently, the project benefits 800 families in 21 areas in the South and Far South of the state of Bahia.

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Consolidation of project results, by region 2019 - Number of participants¹ 2019 - Number of beneficiaries² 2020 - Number of participants¹ 2020 - Number of beneficiaries²
      1 Bahia 800 4,536 800 4,536
    1. People directly participating in the Program 2. People who reside with and are part of the same family group as the participants, sharing and enjoying the benefits of the program.