Value Chain (suppliers and customers)

Understanding the needs and potentialities of our customers, with the purpose of offering sustainable products and solutions, through a relationship that favors long-term connections. Supplier management in accordance with the company’s social and environmental criteria, aiming at the development of local suppliers and the reduction of adverse impacts throughout the value chain.

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    Suzano’s pulp is sold all over the world, mainly to paper producers in the printing & writing, toilet paper and packaging segments. During 2020, sales in the tissue segment accounted for 64.3%, followed by printing & writing papers (15.9%) and packaging (7.3%). As for the regions, 51% of sales go to Asia, 26% to Europe, 15.5% to North America, 7.2% to Brazil, and 0.3% to other Latin American countries.

    In 2020, Suzano sold 10.8 million tonnes of pulp, up 15% over 2019. Despite the challenges faced by the global market due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Suzano continued to provide a stable supply to its customers during the year, providing seamless service to all regions and market segments. The tissue paper segment continued to have a significant share in our sales mix, accounting for 64.3% of the business unit’s total sales, followed by the other segments of Specialty Paper, Packaging, and Printing and Writing. The international market was the destination of more than 90% of pulp sales, with 268 customers throughout all regions of the world.

    Specifically in the fluff pulp segment, we cater to the segments of absorbents products for incontinence, baby diapers, pet mats, feminine pads, and airlaid. There are other possible applications, such as civil construction and the food sector, but our prospecting focus is on the disposable sanitary napkins sector. Our customers are mainly located in Brazil, China, the United States, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa), and Japan. We currently serve both local/regional companies and global companies, all in the disposable sanitary napkin sector.

    We sell our paper products to a highly diversified customer base: from producers of notebooks and non-promotional materials, to more sophisticated customers, such as producers of promotional materials, high-quality packaging, and art books. In this way, these products are sold to markets in Brazil, South, Central, and North America, and other regions on a smaller scale.

    Concerning paperboard, we operate in the main segments of the paper chain (publishing, promotional, distribution, converting), but the big market is packaging (cartridges, tapes, envelopes), and in the last two years we have also entered the disposable cup market with the Bluecup family. Suzano’s products are sold print shops, converters, and distributors, but our relationship with brand owners is further strengthened through jointly designed actions and projects.

    For the uncoated market, we operate in the main segments of the paper chain, including the publishing market – both educational in teaching systems and school books, and non-educational, in the sales of books on the main marketplaces (physical and online), notebooks, promotional, and packaging. Suzano also distributes paper to customers with lower purchase volumes, directly servicing the fragmented and micro-fragmented channels.

    Cutsize, the paper for printing and writing, is another strong market in which Suzano operates. With an extensive portfolio of brands and different formats, we offer our customers a strong and resistant paper, a leader in performance that contributes to the business of customers inside and outside Brazil, through the premium brand Report. Our customer portfolio includes: corporate markets, stationery stores, self-service, copy shops, distributors, bidding, as well as end consumers, who can rely, in addition to our Premium line, on our Senninha children’s line, ideal for coloring and clipping.

    Our Coated Paper line is mainly used in the converting and promotional market (art books, magazines, catalogs, pamphlets…). We serve print shops and distributors in all regions of Brazil, in a highly fragmented market. We are a leading supplier of coated paper in Brazil, offering a differentiated service in addition to high-quality products and performance. We also export our coated paper to other countries, with a focus on Latin America.

    In the consumer goods unit, operations are restricted to Brazil, with greater representation in the North and Northeast regions of the country. Our customer base in this sector is segmented in retail sales, supermarket and hypermarket chains, distributors, wholesalers and cash & carry chains.