Value Chain (suppliers and customers)

Understanding the needs and potentialities of our customers, with the purpose of offering sustainable products and solutions, through a relationship that favors long-term connections. Supplier management in accordance with the company’s social and environmental criteria, aiming at the development of local suppliers and the reduction of adverse impacts throughout the value chain.

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  • Number of contractors hired by region

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Number of contractors hired by region¹ 2019 2020
      1 North 3,158 3,796
      2 Northeast 4,261 3,102
      3 Midwest 4,438 4,179
      4 Southeast 10,745 10,386
      5 South 55 45
      6 Abroad 0 0
      7 Total 22,657 21,508
    1. The data includes all Suzano S/A.

    Additional information:

    At Suzano, contractors are hired primarily to support the industrial and forestry operations, in activities such as maintenance, logistics, facilities, technology, and forestry implementation, and others.