Value Chain (suppliers and customers)

Understanding the needs and potentialities of our customers, with the purpose of offering sustainable products and solutions, through a relationship that favors long-term connections. Supplier management in accordance with the company’s social and environmental criteria, aiming at the development of local suppliers and the reduction of adverse impacts throughout the value chain.

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  • Operations and suppliers identified where the right to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining may be violated or at risk


    Suzano’s Code of Conduct, in the Transparency ethical pillar, addresses how our relationships are conducted in a clear, objective and legitimate way. We are confident about the company’s conduct in promoting an open, loyal and meaningful dialogue with entities representing employers and workers, based on the principles of freedom of association and respect for the plurality of ideas.

    Also, 100% of the suppliers hired by the Procurement area agree with the Terms of Commitment and Legal and Social and Environmental Responsibility Standards adopted by Suzano, which does not condone situations of this nature.

    In 2019 and 2020, we did not identify in the operations of the company or of our suppliers any situation in which the right to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining could have been violated or at risk.