Value Chain (suppliers and customers)

Understanding the needs and potentialities of our customers, with the purpose of offering sustainable products and solutions, through a relationship that favors long-term connections. Supplier management in accordance with the company’s social and environmental criteria, aiming at the development of local suppliers and the reduction of adverse impacts throughout the value chain.

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  • Proportion of spending on local suppliers

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Percentage of spending on local suppliers¹ 2019 2020²
      1 Maranhão 52 56
      2 São Paulo 78 86
      3 Bahia 43 46
      4 Espírito Santo 58 58
      5 Mato Grosso do Sul 45 55
      6 Piauí 56 56
      7 Tocantins 63 25
      8 Pará 31 25
      9 Minas Gerais 87 75
    1. Local suppliers are those whose headquarters or branch is located in the same state where Suzano operates. This indicator considered mills, forestry units, ports, and distribution centers. 2. In Tocantins, the percentage of purchases from local suppliers decreased because our supplier in the region that accounted for the largest expenditure started invoicing from the state of Maranhão, and is no longer local.

    Additional information:

    As a best practice for selecting and developing local suppliers, we conduct on-site visits and participate in trade fairs and business rounds in the regions where we operate. However, because of the pandemic, there were no in-person events in 2020. Nevertheless, we participated in the online business round promoted by Rede de Mulheres Empreendedoras (Network of Women Entrepreneurs), whose purpose is to connect women’s businesses with large companies.

    We also developed the Vendor List indicator, a tool used in the supplier selection process in the units in the states of Espírito Santo and Mato Grosso do Sul.

    For more details on supplier development programs, refer to indicator “Supplier management.”