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    Suzano has been increasing its participation in the recycling chain in different ways. Recently, TP Cycle was launched, a paperboard with post-consumer fibers. And together with this movement, we began to mature internally the practical promotion of this chain, which is still informal. We began to gradually structure a process of direct support to some cooperatives in our area of influence, in full alignment and partnership with our territorial and social development strategy.

    We also believe that it is important to reinforce that the paper recycling chain is already relatively well-established. Currently, the general recycling rate for paper is 66.9% (2019). For packaging papers such as cardboard and paperboard, the rate is around 85%. Therefore, we believe in a holistic approach, which looks at the whole process and prioritizes the destination of the fiber with the lowest possible overall environmental impact – which does not always happen when the reinsertion takes place into the product own chain.

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Percentage of procured recycled fiber used in the products, by business unit 2019 2020
      1 Paper and Packaging Unit 0.00% 0.01%
      2 Consumer Goods Unit 5.14% 0.51%
    1. To calculate the indicator, Suzano considers as "recovered fiber" the scrap used in its processes - material that is recovered at its own production units and, therefore, not procured from the market. "Recycled fiber" is considered to be the post-consumer fibers procured from the market (as is the case of TP Cycle, a paperboard that uses recycled material in its composition).

    Additional information:

    For the Paper and Packaging Unit, there has been an increase in the volume of recycled material used in 2020 due, among other factors, to the launch of TP Cycle, our paperboard produced from recycled fiber.

    As for the Consumer Goods Unit, the oscillation was due to the change in the unit’s strategy in 2020, which opted to no longer purchase post-consumer fibers from the market, and instead use only the scrap from its own process.

    To learn more about the volumes of recycled and/or recovered material used in our Paper, Packaging, and Consumer Goods products, see the indicator “Volume of recycled and/or recovered fiber, by product segment.”

    To learn more about Suzano’s strategy to incorporate recycled or recovered fiber in its products from the Paper and Packaging Unit, see the indicator “Analysis of the environmental life cycle of products (paper).”