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  • Energy indirect (Scope 2) GHG emissions

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    • wdt_ID Energy indirect (Scope 2) GHG emissions from the acquisition of energy, in tCO₂ equivalent¹ 2019 2020
      1 Total 71,225.57 59,531.90
    1.The indicator includes the following gases: carbon dioxide (CO₂), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N₂O).

    Additional information:

    Suzano’s indirect emissions from the acquisition of energy (scope 2) result from the purchase of electricity from the National Interconnected System (SIN), Brazil’s electricity production and transmission system. These emissions are more representative in industrial units, mainly for paper machines, which require a continuous supply of electricity. Since Suzano self-generates a large portion of its energy consumption, Scope 2 emissions are not very representative in the global inventory.

    Suzano’s reduction of Scope 2 emissions in 2020 followed the 17.73% reduction in the average emission factor for electricity supplied in the National Interconnected System provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTIC).*

    To learn more about the management of GHG emissions, visit “Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and methodology.”


    *CO₂ emission factors for electricity generation in the Brazilian National Interconnected System – Base Year 2020 – consultation carried out for the Suzano inventory – March 2021 https://antigo.mctic.gov.br/mctic/opencms/ciencia/SEPED/clima/textogeral/emissao_despacho.html – Emissions verified by an independent third party