Health and safety at Work

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  • Health and safety numbers for company employees

    Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics Dimension (WEF)

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    • wdt_ID Health and safety numbers for company employees 2019 2020
      1 Number of fatalities as a result of work-related injuries 0 0
      2 Number of lost time injuries 20 29
      3 Number of reportable work-related injuries 80 82

    Additional information:

    For company employees, of the injuries recorded (with and without lost time), 54% were cut/lacerations, 15% fracture injuries, 9% burns, and 22% other injuries. Of the injured limbs, 41% were fingers, 9% injuries to the face, 7% to the feet, 7% to multiple parts, 6% to the head, and 30% to other parts of the body.

    The hazards and risks related to Suzano’s work are mapped out through procedures, risk determination matrices (MDR), and preliminary risk analyses (APR), thus determining the actions necessary for elimination and control. Many of the risks originate from manual activities. All units perform actions to eliminate and control risks, including engineering projects, modernization of equipment, ergonomic actions, and implementation of administrative measures.