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  • Contributions and Other Spendings on Trade Associations

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    The total contributions and other spendings with trade associations was R$ 10,635,224.52 in 2020.

    Largest expenditures on trade associations:

    IBÁ – Industria Brasileira de Árvores (Brazilian Forest Industry):
    Amount paid in 2020: R$ 3,868,855.47. Suzano, as one of the main companies in our sector in Brazil, actively participates in Ibá, an association that institutionally represents the supply chain of planted trees. The main topics for discussion at Ibá are good forest management practices, environmental services, innovation and technology, sustainability in the sector’s production chain, among others. The association has in place a number of working groups formed by its associated companies, which are responsible for defining priorities in terms of public policy and developing strategies advocacy before policy makers (e.g., in Climate Change issues) and other relevant stakeholders in each subject. To mention some of the working groups Suzano partakes: Climate Change, Forest, Legal.

    State-level trade associations (Bahia Association of Forest Based Companies – ABAF -, at Bahia state, and FLORESTAR, in São Paulo state):
    Amount paid in 2020, respectively: R$ 408,096.78 and R$ 114,000.00 (total of R$ 522,096.78). ABAF represents the forest based companies of the state of Bahia, as well as their suppliers. Suzano works in the institution with other companies on the subjects such as: sectorial benchmarking, environment, local communities relationship, transportation infrastructure, legal and tax security.
    FLORESTAR: Suzano’s participation in FLORESTAR aims to represent the forest sector in the state of SP. In the association, several topics are discussed, with priority being the State Forestry Plan, monitoring of operational issues (planting and transport), state licensing, and other related topics.

    Local-level trade associations:
    Amount paid in 2020: R$ 6,244,272.27. Regarding local levels activities in in Brazil, we are also members of around 86 local associations. This high number of memberships is due to the large presence Suzano has in each of the regions of Brazil (such as in São Paulo, Espiríto Santo, Minas Gerais, Maranhão, Bahia and Mato Grosso do Sul states). Local associations, when engaged in advocacy activities, are focused on the improvement of local business environment in general. This can involve subjects like local infrastructure, education and social/environmental sustainability.