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    Suzano is currently the largest producer of eucalyptus pulp in the world, supplying the market with products from renewable sources that are part of several moments in people’s daily lives. In this segment, the only product bearing the Suzano brand is the bleached eucalyptus chemical pulp.

    Specifically in the fluff pulp segment, we cater to the segments of absorbents products for incontinence, baby diapers, pet mats, feminine pads, and airlaid. There are other possible applications, such as civil construction and the food sector, but our prospecting focus is on the disposable sanitary napkins sector.

    In the paper segment, we have four different product lines: paperboard, uncoated paper, coated paper, and cut-size paper Today, we have no limitations as to the use of our products in applications commonly found in the packaging, publishing, converting, promotional, and direct applications of A4 paper for printing and writing, with global sales and distribution.

    The main brands are:

    • Paperboard: Supremo Alta Alvura, Supremo Duo Design, Super 6 Plus, TP White Plus, TP White Pharma Plus, and Bluecup family. For export, the only brand name that changes is the Supremo family, which is called Supremo SBS Board. In 2020, we launched a new product family, TP Cycle, which includes in its composition 10% post-consumer fibers and seeks to maintain a life cycle analysis result similar to that of virgin fiber boards, as well as the characteristics of stiffness, printability, and machinability of a Suzano paperboard. In terms of paperboard, besides our traditional sales of paper to print shops, converters, and distributors, we can co-create new types of packaging for our customers, rethinking raw materials and/or design together with print shops and brand owners.
    • Uncoated: Pólen Bold, Pólen Soft, Alta Alvura Laser (domestic market only), Alta Alvura Alcalino (domestic market only), Reciclato, Paperfect Laser, Paperfect, Prisma Bright (foreign market only) and Prima Bright Laser (foreign market only). In addition, two products in this line were launched to serve the disposable products market, directly replacing single-use plastics. They are: Loop, a paper used for forming straws, and a new paper for carrier bags, launched in 2020 and that has 100% short fiber with tear, rupture, and roughness properties, ideal for the carrier bag segment
    • Coated: Couché Suzano: Couché Fit, Couché Design, and Couché Press
    • Cut size: the main brands in the domestic market are Report, Copimax, and Magnum; for the foreign market, in addition to the first two, we have ARTWORK, ECLIPSE, HIGHWHITE, and ONE.

    Regarding consumer goods, Suzano offers pulp-based products that meet the hygiene, cleaning, and family and home care needs.

    In this segment, our portfolio is divided into:

    • Mimmo Toilet Paper: Its plies, with a high level of absorption, have an exclusive suggested “tear line” system. Its easy-to-open roll prevents waste. It is softer and lasts longer.
    • Floral Toilet Paper: quality and savings in one-ply rolls. Floral is a leader in its category in the North and Northeast regions, and is available in the traditional, neutral, and scented versions.
    • La Vie Blanc Toilet Paper: Its new Velutec technology guarantees high-quality plies and superior softness through its microfiber layers, providing a soft and velvety texture. Available in two- and three-ply, and in a scented version as well.
    • Max Pure Toilet Paper: Made with advanced production technology, it offers softness and absorption. Available in one- and two-ply and exclusive to the Cash & Carry channel.
    • Scala Paper Towel and Napkin: The Scala line was especially created to be our best partner in kitchen cleaning. Its paper towel has maximum absorption, keeping food drier. And the line of Scala and Scala Naps napkins delivers practicality in your day to day life.
    • Maxx Baby diapers: Eucafluff technology keeps your baby dry for longer. Maxxigel allows for greater liquid absorption and retention. Designed with comfort in mind, the diaper has a new softer cover, providing a better fit and a soft touch.