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    Purpose. Strong and meaningful word. Having a purpose is knowing what moves and inspires us, what drives us and gives us courage to achieve the unimaginable. Knowing our purpose is knowing our role in the world. Suzano understands that the company’s purpose guides its operations and legacy and that an authentic purpose is not created or invented, but rather revealed, because it is an inherent part of a person or organization.

    The work to reveal the company’s purpose began in 2019, when around 3,500 people were consulted, including employees and external audiences, through surveys, interviews and workshops. All this resulted in reaching an authentic, true purpose that was presented to employees in December 2020 at an online gathering that also celebrated the achievements of this challenging year.

    Our purpose is: “Renewing life inspired by trees.” The company believes that, from trees, it is possible to create a more sustainable future for the planet, since they are part of the solution to some of the challenges of today’s world, such as climate change, shortage of natural resources, loss of biodiversity, and increasing social inequality.

    Suzano is convinced that it has a duty to empower this movement to renew the world. And its purpose is its reason for being, which connects the company to today’s society and to the world we will leave to the next generations

    The company expects its employees, partners, suppliers, customers, and all audiences to know that everything that we do has a greater purpose and involves much more than just the success of the business. Together with its purpose, Suzano launched its new corporate tagline, “Suzano: we plant the future,” which reinforces this history of commitment and is already being used in any and all types of communication.

    The purpose is also materialized in all company’s products, projects, and actions, and corroborated by the Long-Term Goals.

    The purpose was officially disclosed to employees in December 2020. In a Reputation survey (conducted in the 2nd half of 2020), we asked the internal audience a question about Suzano’s contribution to renewing society and the world. The rate was quite high: 95%, indicating that the purpose was on the right track.

    At the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, we conducted an internal online employee survey, with 2,153 responses, and the company’s purpose was very well evaluated: 96% of the respondents identified with the company’s purpose and feel inspired by it. Furthermore, 96% agree that the purpose translates the essence of the company’s contribution to the world, and 94% agree that the purpose is already in practice.

    The plan for 2021 is to reinforce the message as part of the organization’s culture, as the central axis of Suzano’s Essence, ensuring that everyone lives this purpose through

    1. a communication and engagement plan with employees on this topic, and
    2. a plan to train leaders and influencers in the organization that includes our purpose as one of the central topics.

    At the end of 2021, the survey will again be conducted online and will include questions about engagement and living the purpose.