Traceability of Raw Material and Products

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  • Percentage of products with traceable origin of raw material

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    Additional information:

    All of our products are covered by FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certifications1 and PEFC/Cerflor (Brazilian Forest Certification Program) of Chain of Custody, which guarantees full traceability of their origin.

    Suzano’s traceability mechanism makes it possible to trace the product from its origin to its final destination. All wood supply areas are controlled through a registry (PU – Production Unit), which contains cartographic, location, species, and environmental information, among others. This registry tracks the wood transportation documents and, upon entering the mills, this information is entered into a system that identifies the origin of the wood.

    This control makes it possible to track the information of the wood used in the production of each batch of finished product. It is possible to trace the origin using the invoice information, or batch numbers, according to the process below:

    1. Sales document (Bill of Sale, Tax Invoice, Invoice)
    2. Evaluation of the Certificate of Analysis based on the batch numbers
    3. Shipping list of the wood transported to the mill, describing the PU, origin of the wood (FSC certified, PEFC certified or non-certified), volume of wood transported, municipalities, among others
    4. Analysis of shipping documents (ORM or CMMs)
    5. Analysis of planting and harvesting permits, where applicable, and other land ownership documents.


    1. License codes: Chain of Custody – Units in Brazil – FSC-C010014; Chain of Custody – Europe, America, China, and Switzerland – FSC-C012430; Chain of Custody – Distribution Center in Brazil and Argentina – FSC-C003231.