Traceability of Raw Material and Products

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  • Percentage of wood suppliers assessed and/or hired as per company requirements

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    • wdt_ID Percentage of wood supply verified by third parties as being legally compliant 2019 2020
      1 Mato Grosso do Sul 100 100
      2 São Paulo 100 100
      3 Bahia and Minas Gerais 100 100
      4 Maranhão 100 100
      5 Espírito Santo 100 100
      6 Total 100 100

    Additional information:

    All Suzano wood supply areas are monitored based on social and legal requirements. Part of these areas are certified under the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)¹ and/or PEFC/Cerflor (Brazilian Forest Certification Program) standards and are evaluated by the certifying body, according to the Forest Management standards.

    For the non-certified areas, Suzano has established and applies the due diligence system, based on the Controlled Wood Standard (FSC-STD-40-005) and the National Risk Assessment for Brazil (FSC-NRA-BR V1-0), ensuring:

    • compliance with applicable legislation
    • respect for the right to property, possession, and use of land
    • that the high conservation value areas are not compromised
    • that no native areas are converted into commercial timber plantations
    • respect for human rights, the rights of indigenous peoples and traditional communities.

    Suzano also evaluates health and safety aspects, following the Fundamental Principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO). These principles are observed in the contracted area, beginning with the formalization of the contract, covering the wood harvesting and transportation operations, and considering that proper planting is a prerequisite under the contract.

    External and internal audits are conducted annually to check the criteria set out in the FSC-STD-40-005 standard. The audits assess documents confirming compliance with the standard specified and with the legal documents, and conduct on-site visits to check whether the standard is being adopted in the field.

    1. License codes: Forest Management BA – FSC-C155943; Forest Management ES – FSC-C110130; Forest Management MS – FSC-C100704; Forest Management MA – FSC-C118283; Forest Management SP – FSC-C009927; Chain of Custody – Units in Brazil – FSC-C010014; Chain of Custody – Europe, America, China, and Switzerland – FSC-C012430; Chain of Custody – Distribution Center in Brazil and Argentina – FSC-C003231.