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    We carried out several LCAs (Life-cycle assessments), which comprehend 48.04% of all total production, following the quality requirements of ABNT NBR ISO 14040, and aiming to know more deeply the potential impacts of our products systems (and opportunities to improve). We had full LCAs developed for:

      – Market Pulp (Aracruz, Mucuri, Imperatriz and Limeira mills)
      – Unbleached Pulp (Aracruz)
      – Tissue – Toilet Papers (Mucuri and Imperatriz mills)
      – Fluff
      – Paperboard – all of the main grades and weights

    To achieve the percentage (48.04%), we made a calculation regarding the representativeness of these products in Suzano’s latest annual total production. The impacts we analyse are: Water depletion; Land use; Abiotic depletion (fossil fuels, minerals); Acidification; Ecotoxicity; Eutrophication; Global warming; Ozone depletion; Photochemical ozone formation; and Human toxicity.