Water and Effluents

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  • Water withdrawal for industrial operations, by source, in cubic meters

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    • wdt_ID Water withdrawal by source (m³) 2019 - Surface waters, including wetlands, rivers, lakes, and oceans 2019 - Groundwater/water tables 2019 - Total 2020 - Surface waters, including wetlands, rivers, lakes, and oceans 2020 - Groundwater/water tables 2020 - Total
      1 Suzano 29,084,598.68 0.00 29,084,598.68 28,991,932.07 0.00 28,991,932.07
      2 Rio Verde 543,253.00 0.00 543,253.00 472,232.75 0.00 472,232.75
      3 Limeira² 23,365,194.53 91,530.00 23,456,724.53 23,168,646.49 106,454.00 23,275,100.49
      4 Jacareí 25,048,497.53 0.00 25,048,497.53 28,512,599.00 0.00 28,512,599.00
      5 Imperatriz 31,451,602.45 0.00 31,451,602.45 37,780,080.32 0.00 37,780,080.32
      6 Mucuri 49,056,149.00 0.00 49,056,149.00 52,004,819.52 0.00 52,004,819.52
      7 Aracruz¹ 53,763,652.72 0.00 53,763,652.72 58,075,001.42 0.00 58,075,001.42
      8 Belém 0.00 1,231,822.42 1,231,822.42 0.00 1,298,071.22 1,298,071.22
      9 Maracanaú (Fortaleza)³ n/d n/d n/d 5,738.00 0.00 5,738.00
      11 Três Lagoas 80,125,244.66 3,915.00 80,129,159.66 83,598,935.00 359.00 83,599,294.00
    1. At the Aracruz Unit, water is withdrawn by supplying water from the Mãe Boa and Santa Joana reservoirs. 2. At the Limeira Unit, the amount of groundwater withdrawn reported in 2019 needed to be corrected due to flaws in the flow meter. 3. The Maracanaú Unit (Fortaleza) does not produce pulp or paper. It just converts jumbo rolls of tissue paper into rolls and packs them (process known as conversion). Therefore, water withdrawal is much lower than the other units.

    Additional information:

    Although the company’s total production volume in 2020 was 9.9% higher than in 2019, the projects developed in the various industrial units brought a reduction of 2.7% in Suzano’s specific water withdrawal, in line with the Long-Term Goal set in 2019.

    Among the actions implemented in 2020, the initiatives and results obtained in the following industrial units stand out:

    Imperatriz: the unit stood out for the recovery of sealing water from the Fiber Line to the Cooling Tower (reduction of 240 liters per ton); for the replacement of cooling water with industrial water (reduction of 580 liters per ton) and for the withdrawal of industrial water used in the hydraulic units (reduction of 520 liters per ton).

    Mucuri: the unit replaced the heat exchangers of the steam samplers (reduction of 140 liters per ton), implemented the 1st stage of replacement of the sealing systems (reduction 80 liters per ton) and optimized operations in the washing of filters and make-up of the Cooling Tower (reduction of 150 liters per ton).

    Três Lagoas: the project to reuse neutralized water at the Boiler Water Treatment Station was implemented to wash the mill’s eucalyptus logs. This water, previously sent directly to the Effluent Treatment Station (ETS), started to be sent to the Timber Yard, reducing the use of other waters and withdrawal from the river.

    Aracruz: Control of water consumption by sector was strengthened, with actions to establish consumption limits by area and addition of water consumption indicator by sector in the routine meetings of the areas and management, providing a 7% average reduction in water consumption of the unit.