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    Carbon stocks represent all the carbon contained in the forest biomass accumulated over time (like a “snapshot” of all the carbon that is in the forest area at any given time). According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it is the absolute quantity of the substance of concern held within a reservoir at a specified time.


    Suzano’s carbon stocks

    As a company that engages in responsible Forest Management, Suzano has areas of eucalyptus forests where the process of planting, harvesting and conservation of the native forest is arranged in the form of a mosaic. Thus, the company maintains a constant carbon stock, with the areas intended set aside for conservation either stabilized or growing and storing carbon, and the areas for eucalyptus cultivation, for the most part, with growing seedlings.

    Since Suzano has a cultivation cycle of approximately 7 years, only one seventh (1/7) of the planted forest area is constantly harvested. The other six-sevenths (6/7) of the planted forest areas are at different intensities storing carbon over time.

    To calculate the carbon stock (which increases as vegetation grows and decreases when it is harvested), Suzano uses data from its forest register base that includes information on areas, in hectares, broken down by age and clone, density and volume of biomass of each of these ages. Based on this information, the conversion factors recognized by the IPCC (C to CO2), above- to below-ground biomass ratio factor, and biomass expansion factors (BEF) are applied, and the carbon stocks are calculated.

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Carbon stocks (tCO₂eq) 2019 2020
      1 Suzano S.A. – planted forests 114,606,195.82 164,799,325.93
      2 Suzano S.A. – native vegetation 163,381,236.44 150,992,295.12
      3 Suzano S.A. – total 277,987,432.26 315,791,621.05

    Additional information:

    In 2020, we expanded our forest base with an increase of approximately 5% in planted areas and 8% in areas set aside for conservation of native forests. In addition, for our carbon stock and removal inventory, we included 2-year-old eucalyptus plantations (included in Suzano’s register base), revised native forest removal factors consistent with up-to-date, cutting-edge academic studies, as well as improved productivity in our forests.

    We point out that the inventory of carbon stocks and removal by our forests has been verified by a third party.