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  • Generation of non-hazardous waste from industrial operations

    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Generation of non-hazardous waste (t) 2019 2020
      1 Suzano 110,331.34 113,631.73
      2 Rio Verde 4,498.04 3,554.40
      3 Limeira 177,690.91 205,034.07
      4 Jacareí 109,657.87 107,500.89
      5 Imperatriz 174,980.35 165,356.26
      6 Mucuri 359,640.81 332,133.94
      8 Aracruz 123,497.45 125,564.93
      9 Belém 5,222.86 1,643.39
      10 Maracanaú (Fortaleza) 37.68 151.59
      12 Três Lagoas 257,722.32 363,445.31

    Additional information:

    In 2020, generation of non-hazardous industrial solid increased 6% when compared with 2019. This result reflects the 9.9% increase in production in the same period, mainly concentrated in the Imperatriz, Mucuri and Aracruz Units.

    In specific terms (kg of non-hazardous industrial solid waste per ton of product), Suzano registered, in the same period, a reduction of 1.7% in specific generation, from 133.5 kg/t, in 2019, to 131.3 kg/t in 2020. These numbers are in the baseline range of the international standards set out by the IPPC (Integrated Pollution, Prevention and Control 2015 – European Commission), which establishes as best performance results those below 140.0 kg/t.

    In 2020, the Belém Unit reduced the use of post-consumption fibers, which add a large amount of impurities to the process, which are later purged by the purification system with the generation of waste. The unit started to use pre-consumption trimmings and virgin pulp produced at the Imperatriz Unit.

    At the Três Lagoas Unit, there was an increase of 41% in 2020, due to the allocation of surplus bark. This is a temporary event, since the unit implemented and started the operation of a Waste Treatment Center with capacity to compost bark, transforming them into a product with agricultural value (organomineral fertilizers).