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  • Management of GHG emissions in forestry, industrial, and logistics operations

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    Every year Suzano conducts an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, which addresses Scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the entire operation, including forestry, industrial, and logistics. Removal referring to areas of planted and native forests is also reported. The company also conducts an annual review of the emission factors and constantly seeks improvements to enhance the process.

    Aiming to expand, systematize, and increase the degree of reliability of the data that compose the Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GHGs), Suzano developed, in partnership with the Information Technology (IT) team, an automated digital system to collect data for the preparation of the Inventory. The information is managed by software (such as SAP) and is thus collected through automated transactions. Other systematized processes were also established to facilitate the collection of data that are not controlled by digital systems, as is the case with the fuel consumed by our suppliers.

    Starting in 2021, we will conduct a second round to validate the bases used for these automated extractions, strengthen the relationship with the providers of manual information, and collect data more often than once a year.

    Using a data collection form, Suzano also calculates emissions and removal from ongoing studies and projects. These data provide the opportunity for analysis through an internal carbon price, demonstrating opportunities or risk mitigation. This collection also aims to contribute to the areas that are studying projects for an analysis associated with carbon credit generation. We intend to generate a process that will also systematize the analysis of the studies and projects in place.

    Suzano has a Climate Change education and training platform available to all employees. In 2020, several meetings and training sessions were held on this topic, including discussions about the Carbon Market and the dimension for Suzano of the topic of Climate Change, as well as training related to the data collection system for the emissions inventory.