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Detailed information on metrics and targets related to the topic of climate change.

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  • Number of employees who received training on climate change, by gender

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    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Number of employees who received training on climate change, by gender¹ 2020 - Suzano 2020 - Ecofuturo
      1 Men 187 1
      2 Women 129 2
      3 Total 316 3
    1. Data include only full-time employees. Since this indicator started to be reported in 2020, it has no track record.

    Additional information:

    In 2020, there was an internal movement to expand knowledge about Climate Change. This movement consisted of specific on-line and off-line training, meetings with areas directly related to the topic, and internal communication content. Training content and recording are available to all meeting guests.

    Training and meetings were held in different areas and hierarchical levels within the company. To expand the dissemination of the topic, a 4-module training course was developed and made available on the internal training platform, UniverSuzano, which is open to all employees.

    Internal communication actions motivating employees to access the training were also carried out. At each meeting, videos and public training, available on open platforms, were always recommended to the participants.

    In addition to the training, internal communications were sent throughout the year, encouraging employees to access the content on the topic. As an example, a communication campaign was developed that included a podcast, video, and press release for Suzano’s Forest Radio.