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  • Presence of total nitrogen from industrial operations in effluents, in mg/L

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    Change view:

    • wdt_ID Presence of total nitrogen from industrial operations, in effluents, per unit (mg/L)¹ 2019 2020
      1 Suzano n/d n/d
      2 Rio Verde n/d n/d
      3 Limeira 33.1 24.35
      4 Jacareí 3.04 4.40
      5 Imperatriz 2.13 1.37
      6 Mucuri 9.30 8.60
      7 Aracruz 5.97 6.27
      8 Belém n/d n/d
      9 Maracanaú (Fortaleza) n/d n/d
      10 Três Lagoas 3.86 4.29
    1. In 2021, the Suzano, Rio Verde, Belém and Maracanaú (Fortaleza) Units will begin monitoring nitrogen. Units with values not disclosed (n/d) did not perform monitoring in the period.

    Additional information:

    In 2020, the gross nitrogen balance of effluents discharged increase by 11% compared with 2019. This reflects the 9.9% increase in production in the same period, mainly concentrated in the Imperatriz, Mucuri and Aracruz Units.

    In specific terms (kg of nitrogen per ton of product), Suzano registered a slight increase, less than 1%, compared with 2019. These results are in the baseline range of the international standards set out by the IPPC (Integrated Pollution, Prevention and Control 2015 – European Commission), which establishes as best performance results between 0.10 and 0.25 kg/t.