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  • Total area of forestland affected by fires, in hectares

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    • wdt_ID Total area of forestland affected by fires by State, in hectares¹ 2019 2020
      1 Bahia 2,213.00 2,769.00
      2 Espírito Santo 6,333.00 7,876.00
      3 Maranhão 199.08 614.61
      4 Mato Grosso do Sul 802.00 6,422.00
      5 Minas Gerais 0.00 56.23
      6 Pará 41.47 71.34
      7 Rio de Janeiro 43.30 226.86
      8 São Paulo 1,601.45 2,309.32
      9 Tocantins 0.00 3.80
      10 Total 11,233.30 20,349.16

    Additional information:

    2020 was an atypical year compared to previous periods in terms of fire occurrences. This is mainly due to the following factors:


    • Rainfall well below the historical average
    • Extended drought period
    • Very high temperatures and higher-than-normal water deficit
    • Major fire episodes in the country


    The Midwest region had the worst drought in recent years and, as a result, we experienced major forest fire episodes, with strong repercussions in the country and the world. In the States of Espírito Santo and Bahia, there were incidents of fires in regions that did not used to have these occurrences and, for this reason, were distant from our main focus of action. This impacted the travel time and the beginning of the efforts of the firefighting teams, leading us to register significant numbers of fires and total area affected in these regions. As a plan of action, we are reinforcing the surveillance and fire fighting teams in these areas, in order to minimize the impacts.

    Fire outbreaks are controlled with the support of our fire brigades and monitoring equipment in all the company’s operating units. A network of surveillance towers spread over our forests allows us to quickly detect forest fires. In addition, we have a large team of trained firefighters, a fleet equipped with kits for the first firefighting, as well as water trucks and a truck that acts as a CAF (compressed air foam). With the support of this technology, we have made firefighting more effective and reduced the volume of water used in operations. We also work to engage the neighboring communities through the Floresta Viva (Live Forest) Program, which brings information, raises awareness, and provides a contact channel for anyone to report any occurrence of fire outbreaks in our forests.

    For 2021, in line with Suzano’s strategy to control and suppress forest fires, reduction targets for the burned area will be defined to be managed by the responsible teams. To this end, the specificities of each region where the company operates will be taken into account, with specific plans of action for each scenario.

    To learn more about the number of fire outbreaks in Suzano’s areas, click here.