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  • Water withdrawal by source in forestry operations, in megaliters

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    • wdt_ID Water withdrawal by source in forestry operations (ML)¹ 2019 - Surface water 2019 - Groundwater 2019 - Total 2020 - Surface water 2020 - Groundwater 2020 - Total
      1 São Paulo 207.55 6.82 214.37 165.32 176.36 341.68
      2 Mato Grosso do Sul 1,082.19 n/a 1,082.19 951.72 n/a 951.72
      3 Espírito Santo-Bahia 718.36 131.65 850.01 270.94 121.54 392.48
      4 Maranhão 194.78 14.62 209.40 118.98 2.00 120.98
      5 Total 2,202.88 153.09 2,355.97 1,506.97 229.89 1,806.86
    1. Suzano's forestry operations do not withdraw water from seawater sources, produced water, or third-party water. All water is withdrawn from fresh sources (≤ 1,000 mg/L of total dissolved solids). The information comes from water withdrawal forms used by the operation at each water withdrawal performed in the Forestry, Harvesting and Logistics operations.

    Additional information:

    Regarding water management in the forest, Suzano is committed to ensuring the availability and access to quality water for the different users of the watersheds in which it operates based on the following:


    • protection and monitoring of rivers and springs
    • risk analysis and mitigation of impacts resulting from its operations
    • management and control of water withdrawal by the forestry operation
    • ecological restoration of degraded environments, and
    • environmental awareness and education of employees and neighboring communities


    Through the standard operating procedure, intended to guide and provide technical support to the operational areas for the sustainable management of water resources, the operation follows the planning of use, withdrawal, and consumption of water in Silviculture, Harvest, and Logistics. In this way, water withdrawal is monitored daily by the Suzano’s environmental area. Monitoring includes checking where water withdrawal is allowed, the withdrawal permit issued by the environmental agency, and the volume withdrawn from each site, with its geographical location and the name of the watercourse, which streamlines the identification, control, and correction of any deviations.